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Kyle Richards Reacts To Dorit Kemsley Shading Her Fashion Line; Says “You Didn’t Save My Show”

Kyle Richards fired back at Dorit Kemsley after she threw shade at her and claimed to save the day during her NYFW fashion show during the Season 10 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

During the episode, which aired on Wednesday, April 15, gave fans a look at Richards’ collection with Shahida Clayton. In the episode, Kemsley helped the original cast member but she was not the reason for its success, according to Richards.

“I knew nothing about doing a fashion show,” Richards wrote via Twitter on Wednesday, setting the record straight about her career in fashion, according to Us Weekly. “A clothing line yes. I had a clothing line on HSN & stores for years.”

Kyle noted that she “appreciated” Dorit’s help with “ideas for styling the models” for the fashion show, but that was the extent of her assistance.

“With all due respect she did NOT save my fashion show,” she continued via Twitter. “We’d hired a production team.”

“I didn’t just ‘put my name’ on the clothing line like Dorit suggested,” she tweeted. “I worked closely with Shahida on the looks WE wanted. For a long time. THAT is why I pulled out the pieces that I knew nothing about and were NOT our collaboration.”

Richards continued, “I totally appreciated her help when she went with me to style the models. But the show I have to give credit to the production team. Even if we clashed.”

Richards concluded: “When I showed up at the meeting to style the models my partner added pieces I didn’t know about and were not OUR collaboration so I took them out.”

Kemsley responded to one of Richards' tweet and simply wrote, “The show was amazing, the line fabulous and the team top-notch! @KyleAndShahida @KyleRichards #RHOBH”

Photo Credit: Bravo