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Kandi Burruss Says “Some People Walked Out” From “Aggressive” RHOA Season 12 Virtual Reunion!

Kandi Burruss is spilling the tea about the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 virtual reunion. “I think some people still have more to say. Some people walked out,” Kandi told HollywoodLife.

“I’m not going to lie. Well, for me, it was aggressive. I would say aggressive because I mean the arguments were going so crazy sometimes that [host] Andy [Cohen] is trying to get us to stop and he can’t because we’re not in the room with him so nobody can stop us from talking or saying what we need to say, so people are just going for roadkill when they say what it is they need to say until finally some of us had to be muted,” Kandi said.

According to Kandi, the “arguments” escalated to the point of “yelling and screaming.”

“It was hurting my ears. I literally had to send production a text like please turn down my headphones,” she admitted. “That was stressing me out, and then when we got off, I just felt exhausted. I talked to fa couple of the girls afterwards. I know I talked to Marlo [Hampton]. Marlo was like, ‘Girl! I need a drink! I am done! I need a whole relaxation moment.”

Photo Credit: Bravo