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Brinnette Seopela’s Ex-Husband Themba Gezane Opens Up About Their Split And Denies Abuse Allegations!

As previously reported, Brinnette Seopela has claimed that she allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of her ex-husband Themba Gezane while they were married, which is the reason why she filed for divorce. Now, the former Real Housewives of Johannesburg husband is sharing his side of the story, denying Brinnette's claims.

The former couple met through a mutual friend, Sonia Mbele, who is also the executive producer of RHOJ. In September he proposed to Brinnette, and when her lease ended in October, she moved in with him. That’s when the trouble started, according to Gezane.

“Before we got married, we had some major disagreements over the cost of the wedding,” Themba told DRUM.

“I spent over a million rand for the traditional wedding – she had so many demands for her dress and erecting marquees that would be dismantled the next day. All of this was for the show, to place herself in a certain light. “It was no longer about us and our union, so I stood my ground on several things. When I told her, ‘I didn’t marry you for TV, I wanted a wife’, she’d accuse me of not being supportive,” he says.

According to him, they also argued over their white wedding. “She wore two dresses, one cost over R100 000, and the other was R40 000. The flowers alone cost R400 000. I mean, how can you spend over R400 000 just for flowers? “That’s not how I was raised. I wasn’t staying true to who I was.”

Themba also denies Brinnette's abuse claims that he hit her after their honeymoon. “I postponed our honeymoon for a week because she had had a miscarriage and I wanted to mourn. “On our way back we weren’t talking. She was upset about the amount of money I gave her to spend on herself there. “We landed in the morning and by the afternoon she was gone, only to come back in the early hours of the next morning. Even before we got married, she’d go out and come back at ungodly hours. Sometimes I’d complain about it and she’d tell me her mother didn’t give her such curfews, so I’d let it go,” he says.

“I told her we’re married now, we must spend time with each other. That night she Facetimed me to show she was out with her gay friends. “I’m not discriminating, she wanted to show who she was with and that it was harmless. But a married woman at nightclubs on a Sunday night? Come on.” Brinnette confirms she had suffered a miscarriage. “Yes, I did have a miscarriage just before our honeymoon. It’s still very difficult to talk about f**k you up’, things like that. And that’s a pattern I noticed – he was very violent and rude to other people.”

Themba claims that the main reason for their disagreements was over money. “She’d max out the card I gave her for emergencies. I refused to give her more money to just splurge because we needed to watch how we used our money, especially after the weddings.”

“She threatened to get money from other people, and I saw other men sending her money on her phone,” he told DRUM.

Themba insists he didn’t abuse her but admits one of their heated arguments became physical. “One morning she came back at 3am when she said she’d be back by 11pm. I was tired of this behavior and told her to go back where she came from. She refused and we had a scuffle – that’s when I pushed her and told her to leave,” he says.

“She claims she injured her knee when I pushed her, but I don’t remember seeing her fall. In the morning I took her to the hospital, and she was taking pictures of her knee, telling people I abused her.”

Brinnette stayed with her parents for a week after the incident until her mother and cousin sat down with them both. “They told us to love and respect each other, and to live within our means. She returned home after that. But things didn’t get better,” he continued. “I kept trying to show her how much I love her, taking her out to beautiful spots for her birthday and buying her random gifts and flowers, but she kept secrets from me.

“When I found out about some of the secrets, I’d confront her, and she’d get upset and throw tantrums,” he said. “In the short time we were married, Brinnette accused me of a lot of things. She forgets that I know so much about her and could easily destroy this image she’s trying to portray.”

“All that I ask of her is to leave me alone – she must stop lying to the world, making me out to be a monster, because I’m not. Even the cheating she accuses me of, I know nothing about. “I’m the one who suggested we see a therapist. I wanted us to address the things she was hiding from me, that directly affected me. I wanted us to rebuild trust, but she refused,” he told DRUM.

Despite Brinnette claiming that she filed for divorce, Themba is claiming otherwise - saying that he’s never been served any divorce papers. But according to Themba their relationship is over. “Now, it’s over, I don’t want her back,” he says. “I just want us to move on and for her to stop lying about me.”

Photo Credit: Google Images, Instagram