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Erika Girardi Weighs In On RHOBH Season 10 Drama Between Denise Richards And Brandi Glanville; Says “You’re Gonna Be Surprised With The Denise-Brandi Thing, ‘Cause It Does Kind Of Come Out Of Nowhere”

Erika Girardi is sharing her thoughts on the drama between her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville, which will play out in the upcoming tenth season of the Bravo hit reality series.

"I think that this season is the one season that could have a real impact on people's personal lives, do you know what I mean?" she asks Entertainment Tonight. "It could be the one season where it can really impact someone's personal life."

If you recall, the drama between Brandi and Denise went viral on media outlets and social media after Glanville alleged that she had an affair with Richards, which Denise has denied multiple times.

"I do think that you're gonna be surprised with the Denise-Brandi thing, 'cause it does kind of come out of nowhere," she teases. "It kind of comes out of left field and, you know, it was something that I didn't see coming at all."

Erika admits that the conversation around Denise and Brandi comes "late in the game," as the rest of the ladies didn’t learn about the story until around the time of their cast trip to Rome, which happened at the end of last year.

"It is a slow build," Erika told Entertainment Tonight. "It's a slow build, and there are some hints that are dropped. Like, looking back on them, I could see why some people were reacting to some things. Not because they knew ahead, but it all makes sense now."

"It all makes sense now, like, why it was so massive," she adds. "I think that people criticize us sometimes for not moving fast enough. You know, Beverly Hills is a slow burn, but I just... I worry. I don't know if Denise… I don't know…"

Erika also added that Brandi "is coming with the receipts."

"Brandi's part of the story is backed up by receipts," she repeats. "But, there are always two sides to every story, and both women will have the chance to tell their complete story."

Erika then explains why she thinks that Denise has "gotten herself into a strange place here."

"Let me say this -- I'm gonna go on the record -- sending a cease and desist to [the network and your co-stars], that's like trying to break the house in Vegas," Erika said. "The house always wins. Don't be stupid. Save your money."

Photo Credit: Bravo