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Dawn Ward, Hanna Kinsella And Lauren Simon Tease What Viewers Can Expect In Season 11 Of RHOCheshire; They Promise “Lots Of Drama” And “Lots Of Laughs”

Dawn Ward, Hanna Kinsella, and Lauren Simon are opening up about the newest season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The three ITVBe reality stars tease what viewers can expect from them in Season 11.

"After 11 seasons, I think I do end up saying a similar thing each time! Drama, obviously you will also see a lot of my family, which is a big part of my life. We have some fun, laughter, crying, typical of us!," Dawn told Female First.

"Without giving away too much…there is always drama around me. I am quite a big personality but I am passionate about what I believe in. So when I believe in something, unless I am proven wrong, I don’t change my mind," Ward said. "So there is a bit of a surprise later in the season where I have a slight fall out with somebody. Friendships have definitely changed throughout the series."

As for Hannah, she said, "There is lots of drama, lots of laughs though! We had a great time in Athens!"

As for the alliances for the new season, "It is interesting really because obviously when I joined the show, I was very close to Dawn. We had a great relationship and myself and Tanya didn’t really see eye to eye. It is quite funny this series as this is sort of the other way round!" Hanna said.

"We don’t usually have a soft start with housewives, we love to go in two feet first! We have very strong, opinionated ladies and that is what you get when you have a group of us. We don’t fail to disappoint!" Dawn said.

So what what do they think about new cast member Nicole Sealey? "I really like Nicole. I didn’t know anything about Nicole before she joined the show. In fact, she knows quite a few people I do so I am surprised I didn’t know who she is!" Dawn said "I find her very intelligent, smart, fair, funny and good fun. She is a good girl and I really like her a lot. She is very family oriented. She is what I call a doer."

"She really brings a lot to the table and is a great addition," Hanna told Female First. "I really like Nicole. I thinks she has her head on her shoulders and is a proper boss lady. She has an inspirational story and I really have gotten on well with Nicole. We sort of gravitated towards each other really so I really do like Nicole."

Meanwhile, in a separate interview, Lauren Simon reveals why she decided to return to the series. "I missed the girls and I was always coming back to work, I just needed to take some time for myself," she told the Daily Star.

As what viewers can expect about the drama on the show, Simon said, "It will come, I promise you. Lots of drama, but I feel there was a lot of fun and laughter in this season as we spent a lot of time in Athens so you have a relaxed holiday feel to the show in my opinion."

"When the cameras stop we sometimes go out together, but on a bad dinner party we are all happy to go home and relax away from the drama," said Lauren.

As for friendships with her co-stars, Lauren added, "I hang out with Dawn and Rachel the most off the show. But I do see all the girls and they were all so supportive of me when I was not filming."

Photo Credit: ITVBe