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Aviva Drescher Reflects On Her Infamous Leg Toss And Reveals Why She Threw Her Prosthetic Leg!

Aviva Drescher is reflecting on her iconic leg toss incident that took place on the season six finale episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. The Leggy Blonde author revealed the real reason why she threw her leg during a recent interview on the Out in the Wild podcast.

“To me, the show was about entertaining people at home,” Drescher said. “And again, part of it was real and part of it was not real. And I just wanted to entertain people.”

“To me, it was a nod, you know, it was funny. And it got a lot of controversy. And I think the funniest part about that was a lot of people say like, ‘She just did that to get attention and get more air time!’ Like that isn’t at all what anyone is thinking about. Any time. We’re not trying to get air time or trying to get attention,” she insists. “We’re trying to make a great show. And entertain everybody at home.”

“So that the show goes on and we continue to have jobs,” she shared, according to Cheat Sheet. “Really it’s that simple. It’s not one of us it trying to outdo the other. Like we’re kind of a team putting on a show. And even though we’re at odds at times, we’re still just putting on a show. Yes, there are things that are real. Like Heather’s [Thomson] doctor’s appointments for her son were real. And all that, but it’s just entertainment.”

Drescher revealed that she knew she had to bring it to stay relevant on the show. “You have to bring something,” she said. “And you have to seem really, really authentic.”

“I seemed very inauthentic and it is what it is,” she concludes. “But I was mad in that moment. And I felt like throwing something. And I was really sick. That part was real. I really, really wasn’t feeling well. I couldn’t go to Montana.”

Drescher adds that out of all her former co-stars, she only runs into Ramona Singer. “I bump into Ramona [Singer] from time to time,” she said. “I like Ramona. And I think Ramona is the only one I bump into.”

Photo Credit: Bravo