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Rachel Lugo Warns Fans Not To Fall For Internet Scam On Facebook!

Rachel Lugo warns fans about a Facebook “scam” page. The Real Housewives of Cheshire took to social media to alert fans not to buy furniture from Facebook page Cheshire Home Interiors, who is allegedly using her images without consent.

Lugo is encouraging fans to report the page for fraud. She shared a screenshot of the page with the caption, "Report this page..... Cheshire Home Interiors on Facebook. It's a scam," she wrote. "I don't know how Facebook can continue to allow them to have a page when they take people's money."

Rachel then revealed that she's been in contact with the Fraud squad and shared their phone number to any potential victims.

"This is the Fraud squad reference number I have been given by the owners of the legitimate Cheshire Home Interiors to report the Facebook scammers to Nfrc191103314572," she shared.

"Scam!!!!! Do not buy off Facebook from these people. They are using old online images and videos of me without consent," she continued. "They will take your money your you won't receive your items! Report this page. My legal team and the fraud squad are involved."

Lugo then shared a screenshot of the page using her image along with the caption, "This is a Facebook scam!!! Do not buy off Facebook from Cheshire Home Interiors."

Lugo then took to Instagram Stories to clear the air and explained why she is accusing the page of being a scam. Lugo reveals that last year she worked for a furniture company, which they ended up closing the business - but now this Facebook page is allegedly using the content from the company Lugo worked for, including images of her. She urges people to report the page as her legal team is working with the fraud squad regarding the matter.

Photo Credit: ITVBe