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Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer And Tinsley Mortimer Recommend RHONY Viewers Their Favorite Episodes To Re-Watch While At Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak!

While we all are quarantined at home to avoid the spread of COVID-19 amid the coronavirus pandemic, Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, and Tinsley Mortimer recommend their favorite Real Housewives of New York City episodes for viewers to binge-watch during these tough times.

Ramona Singer: "Well, I think the episode season three, when I did the trip to Scary Island (season 3, episode 12). And also just watching me renewing my wedding vows with Mario(season 3, episode 14). I think that season three was pretty, pretty good. Scary Island," she told E! News.

"And then of course, St. Barts was great because that's when Sonja [Morgan] and I were googling what white trash meant (season 5, episode 15). I had no idea what white trash meant."

"And then you know, of course 'Calm down. Take a Xanax!' (season 5, episode 14). You can never repeat that again. That was like amazing. So that was great, St. Barts. Those are those are probably my favorites."

Luann de Lesseps: "Well, I loved our trip to Morocco when we were in Marrakesh (season 4, episodes 8-10). I think that was like an epic season and that was an epic trip. You know, of course Scary Island's always fun (season 3, episode 12). And, and Personally, I love the season where I sang to Jacques with Natalie Cole (season 4, episode 16)."

Tinsley Mortimer: "Well, I definitely think when we were in Colombia and the boat, highly entertaining slash scary (season 10, episode 17). But you know having been there I was the one strangely that actually wasn't afraid. And I'm usually the one that's most terrified on a plane or something if it's bumpy...I think that sort of knowing that we obviously survive it's like a humorous one to watch. And I mean, for me, my favorite one obviously when I meet [fiancé] Scott [Kluth] for the first time (season 9, episode 15), so that's my best one. That's always fun to go back for myself and watch because it's just so crazy to see us kiss for the first time on camera and engagement for the first time and it was just so unexpected and crazy. And now that that obviously has a happy ending it's fun for me to watch."

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