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Real Housewives Stars React To Jackie Gillies And Sally Bloomfield’s RHOMelbourne Exits!

A few days ago, Jackie Gillies and Sally Bloomfield announced that they were not returning to The Real Housewives of Melbourne for the show's upcoming fifth season. After announcing their departures, many of their co-stars shared their reactions on social media.

After Jackie announced that she wasn't returning, many Real Housewives stars reacted in the comment section of her Instagram post.

"Oh Jacs, I do understand but I am devastated," wrote Janet Roach. "I love you my bestie, it was fun being on the show together, but our friendship is much more than that. See you soon baby xxx"

"Will miss you on our screen Jacks!," wrote Bloomfield. "So glad we got to work on a season together and to have you as a beautiful friend," she added.

Meanwhile, former co-star Chyka Keebaugh and her husband Bruce showed their support about Jackie's decision not to return -  "♥️😘," Chyka wrote.

As for her husband Bruce, he simply shared, "👏👏👏👍👍👍👍😘."

Also, Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby, who's a big fan of the series also reacted to Gillies departure. "Oh man!!! I’ve been (im)patiently waiting for rhom to come to my tv!! Happy for you and wish you endless happiness!! 💕," she wrote.

Janet Roach decided a special post about her reaction to Gillies' exit from the Foxtel hit reality series. "I am gutted by the decision of my bestie not to come back to RHWOM for season 5," she wrote. "Nothing will come between us, all my love xxx"

In the comment section of Roach's post, Jackie responded, "You make me crazy... I love you Roachy."

To which Janet responded, "I am actually feeling so sad. I love you Jacs. Love your outfit in your post, looking fabulous xx."

After many fans revealed that they were gutted to hear that Gillies was not returning to the popular hit reality series, Roach replied to a fan, "me too, just gutted, I can't believe it, it's like it's not real."

She added: "she makes me cry with laughter when we are filming."

Meanwhile, Sally Bloomfield's fellow Housewives are reacted to her not returning to the series in the comment section of her Instagram post where she released a statement, announcing her exit from the hit reality series.

"I am so sad you won't be back to RHOM but I am so glad to have you as my gorgeous friend. Love you xx," wrote Janet.

Sally responded to Janet, "Always, my friend... love you too."

Meanwhile, Chyka Keebaugh simply wrote, ""♥️😘."

Will you miss Jackie and Sally on RHOMelbourne? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Foxtel