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Melissa Gorga And Jackie Goldschneider Sound Off On Their Feud With Jennifer Aydin And Tease RHONJ Season 10 Reunion Drama! Plus Teresa Giudice And Danielle Staub Reportedly Had “A Conversation At The Reunion,” Source Says!

Melissa Gorga is opening up about her issues with Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Jennifer Aydin. “She’s very hard to stay calm around. I mean, she’s the most antagonizing. She’ll just try to pull it out of you and I am known on the show to be more level-headed,” she said during an appearance on E!’s Pop of the Morning.

“I speak the truth, I’m sensible most of the time, but that one? It takes everything in me not to like reach across the table.” Melissa continued, “I’m a very seasoned Housewife. I’ve been on for so long at this point [that] I’ve learned how to maneuver through when you get crazy.”

When asked to spill the tea about the Season 10 reunion, Melissa said, “Oh my god. Ummmm. I’m gonna say Margaret and…. Let’s just say, pay attention to Jennifer” she said, according to Reality Tea.

“She just doesn’t make any sense. I’m like ‘What are you saying?’ I think Jennifer and I go at it, I would say the most at the reunion. Definitely me and Jennifer.”

Meanwhile, Jackie Goldschneider is also sounding off about her feud with Aydin when it comes to birthday parties.

“I think that we’re done. I mean, never say never because if she … if I sincerely see her change as a human being, then maybe one day, because our kids do like each other,” Jackie told Us Weekly. “But no, I don’t think my birthday parties are fancy enough for her. She’s more bougie.”

Jackie also teased about the reunion. “It is definitely just nonstop. There’s no breaks in the drama, no breaks,” Jackie said. “There wasn’t that much crying, but there was yelling.”

As for Teresa Giudice, she reveals that she was happy with the outcome. “I was really happy with this reunion, myself,” Teresa said during an appearance on E!’s Pop of the Morning, according to Us Weekly. “We were really honest, real and ourselves.”

However, a source claims that Giudice and former friend Danielle Staub came face-to-face at the reunion.

“Teresa and Danielle did have a conversation at the reunion,” a source told HollywoodLife. Although Teresa and Danielle are friends in the current episodes playing out on Bravo, their relationship changes by the finale; after the reunion, they still “won’t be best friends again,” the source reveals. But it doesn't mean that they'll be rivals.

“They seemed to figure out a way to be cordial,” the source adds. That’s because “Teresa just doesn’t want to fight with anyone anymore” — “her thoughts about life and relationships has completely changed with everything that’s gone on in her life.”

“The RHONJ reunion which taped last week was quite explosive, but there wasn’t as much screaming and yelling as the reunions in the past,” the source adds. “The women found better ways to articulate themselves. It’s clear that they’ve matured and grown but it’s still going to be explosive and entertaining.”

Photo Credit: Bravo