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Kenya Moore Sounds Off On Her Feud With NeNe Leakes! Kenya Claims NeNe ‘Tried’ To Get Her Fired From RHOA; Says “She’s Always Been Very Intimidated By My Presence On The Show”

Kenya Moore is opening up about her drama with Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star NeNe Leakes. "We don't have a friendship," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I don't think we ever did have a friendship, I think I was just convenient, and a convenient ally… so yeah, I don't really see the value in being or attempting to be fake friends with her."

"You know, I wasn't in our last season, but last season, she certainly was not friends with anyone," she goes on to say. "She was a man on an island."

In Season 12 mid-season trailer, Leakes is seen making amends with many of their co-stars including Porsha Williams as well as Moore and her husband Marc Daly. But Kenya admits she isn't buying it.

"You're just making up with people because you have to, because you have no one else to film with or nothing else to do, you know?" Kenya notes. "So, that's what that is."

Leakes and Cynthia Bailey's friendship took a left turn when NeNe slammed Cynthia for not giving her a heads up that Kenya would be at a guest at the event, which aired in Season 10 finale.

"So, no one understood, what is this all about?" Kenya says about the topic. "I understand what it was about, because I’ve been in this really love, hateful relationship with her -- and all the hate is coming from her. It's so much."

"She tried to get me fired before I was even hired on the show," she alleges. "I just think that she's always been very intimidated by my presence on the show. And, when I was not on the show, I was still being talked about … I was still relevant, so that bothered her. And so, then it becomes, 'Why did you invite Kenya to your launch party to celebrate you? And at eight months pregnant?' Like why, is that an issue for you? So again, if you watch who she really is, you will see that she is extremely intimidated, jealous, envious -- whatever you want to call it -- of my presence on the show."

"She tries so hard to tell people she's the HBIC," Kenya says. "She's the this, she’s the that. She's the originator. 'Oh, the real premiere just starts…' And in fact, her presence now is not impactful at all. She's missed out on at least four to five episodes this season, so that clearly means the network is sending you a message. You're not as important as you think you are."

Kenya says NeNe might want to take the firings of Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge from The Real Housewives of Orange County as a warning shot.

"The message is very clear: either the network feels that you are still a valuable asset on the show or they don't, and you're replaced and phased out, and you just have to move on," she cautions. "NeNe has been on the show for a very long time, and I just think the cast is not gelling with her. She always puts herself on an island. She makes these fights with people that don't actually have to occur and she's really the cause of her own demise."

Moore also weighs in on the comments Wendy Williams made on her talk show last month when she claimed that she got a text from Leakes that she was "quitting" the show.

"I just think she's using Wendy, honestly," Kenya shares. "Because before [they were friends], Wendy would go in if she sees the type of behavior that anyone on our show was exhibiting before, and Wendy has been going, like, so soft on her. So, I just think that NeNe is really just using Wendy."

Wendy will also make an appearance via phone call with Leakes in the mid-season trailer.

"[It's] NeNe reaching for something to make her feel like she's more important than everyone else," Kenya professes. "Like, 'Oh, I have Wendy Williams on speed dial. I'm friends with Wendy Williams...' and I just think it's an attempt to be more relevant than anyone else on the show, and it's just like a failed attempt to me."

In the trailer, Leakes is seen, what it looks like attempting to spit on Moore, something Kenya revealed back in Movember during her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, allegations that Leakes has denied.

"She said I was lying, she used the word I was actually lying, she said lying," Kenya told Entertainment Tonight. "And it proves I said exactly what I said, it was the truth. You can't lie if it's on video."

"How do we get to that point?" Kenya emphatically asks. "That is my question. You're 50-something years old and we're on a television show and you get to the point where you're spitting food at someone? She spat food at me, she attempted to actually hock up spit on me. and it's just like, what? Who does that? You have children, you have grandchildren -- you are a grandmother -- and this is the example that you're setting?"

"She's fighting to stay on the show," she shared.

Photo Credit: Bravo