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Gina Liano Reveals Why She Almost Didn’t Return To The Real Housewives Of Melbourne!

Gina Liano is returning to The Real Housewives of Melbourne for the show's upcoming fifth season— but she recently revealed that she nearly didn’t sign up to return for another season of the Foxtel hit reality series.

“I nearly didn’t come back this season,” she told “I got back into my own life, it was peaceful and I quite enjoyed it and I was hesitant to come back only for that reason.”

“It’s a big responsibility having a public profile, even though I swear and carry on and maybe act a bit irresponsible.”

“I think there might be a time where I don’t come back just because my life will keep moving.”

Earlier this month, Jackie Gillies, Sally Bloomfield, and Venus Behbahani-Clark announced that they were not returning to RHOMelbourne.

Liano reveals why a shakeup was needed for the show's upcoming new season.  “I think every season needs a fresh change; it keeps it interesting,” Liano said.

Last week, Foxtel revealed the official lineup for Season. Journalist Anjali Rao, yoga instructor Cherry Dipietrantonio, and champagne educator Kyla Kirkpatrick have officially joined the cast for Season 5. They will be joined by returning cast members Gamble Breaux, Gina Liano, Janet Roach, and Lydia Schiavello.

“We’ve got the three newbies. They’ll be a lot of fun. And they’re smart girls,” said Liano.

“The four cast that have remained, we’re really funny girls among ourselves. I think it’s resonated with the audience,” she shared. “We have stayed friends because of our sense of humor, despite arguments, it’s hard to hold a grudge when they tickle your funny bone.”

The glamorous barrister then teased what viewers can expect to see her in Season 5. She hinted that she was embarking on multiple community projects she was excited to bring awareness to.

“I’ll keep them a surprise, but they’re not self-serving, they’re community things that a lot of people will feel passionate about,” she told “It sounds superficial saying that but I do think there’ll be people who have a similar point of view.

She added: “It’s to do with animals, I’ll throw that in there.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel, Getty Images