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Meghan King Edmonds And Jim Edmonds’ Threesome Partner Revealed!

The woman who allegedly took part in a threesome with Jim Edmonds and Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King Edmonds has been identified as Kortnie O’Connor. According to Page Six, multiple sources reveal that O’Connor is currently dating the former MLB star.

Jim released a statement after O’Connor was identified as the woman he and Meghan had a threesome.

“Jim has no desire to roll in the mud with anyone, nor does he have any interest in playing this out in the media,” a rep for Jim said in a statement to Us Weekly. “Meghan decided to publicly broadcast what was essentially a 30-minute therapy session about her marriage and she continues to tell stories to anyone who will listen and use this as an opportunity to get attention for herself.”

The statement concluded: “Publicly discussing private matters is not in the best interest of his children and he is not going to engage on that level.”

Earlier this week, Meghan revealed on her “Intimate Knowledge” podcast that she felt O’Connor — whose identity was protected at the time — “betrayed” her by going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Jim for a wedding and not telling her about it.

“We’re getting divorced, but why couldn’t you have said to me as a friend — she’s a friend — why couldn’t she have said something to me?” Meghan said.

Meghan revealed in the episode she and Jim had a sexual relationship with O’Connor. Meghan claimed she “cast aside my uncomfortability [sic] with threesomes — everything that I had in my head about a threesome being weird and gross — because I was fun and I wanted to do things for my husband.”

However, Jim denied Meghan's allegation. “I was invited to a surprise birthday party this weekend for one of my best friends and decided to bring a date. There is no affair going on here. It has been a plus one for the weekend,” Jim told Us Weekly. “The woman I am in Cabo with is not her friend. They have not spoken in over three tears.”

The former MLB athlete continued: “I’m tired of the lies for publicity,” he said about his split from his estranged wife Meghan. “Meghan has filed as well. The marriage is and has been over.”

“As far as threesomes go, there were a more than few initiated by Meghan and only Meghan,” he claimed. “Recently, I have learned that she carried on with a few of these women without me being present. Would that not being considered cheating?”

He concluded: “How can she have a podcast talking about intimacy and relationships when she has neither?”

“I’m tired of the lies for publicity,” the 49-year-old former St. Louis Cardinals star said. “Meghan has filed as well. The marriage is and has been over.”

Meghan, however, fired back at Jim for “shaming” her and accusing her of telling “lies for publicity” when she revealed on her “Intimate Knowledge” podcast that the couple had a threesome when they were married.

“I never initiated anything,” Meghan told Page Six. “I went along with things because I thought that’s what he wanted. I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible. We only had one threesome and only once during our marriage and that was with his current girlfriend.”

She continued, “I think his attempt to sex shame me illustrates the vile mind of this man. I am the mother of his children and to attempt to exploit deeply personal decisions we made as a couple is his attempt to damage the mother of his children and also attempts to demean me in the most vulnerable way possible: sex. It’s sick to break me down like this while I’m with all of our kids every day and night and he’s on day 5 of gallivanting around Cabo with my former friend/whore whose going on shopping sprees with his new f–k buddy.”

Photo Credit: MOVI Inc./MEGA; Michael Simon/; Josh Ryan