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Kristen Doute Shares New Details About Her Feud With Stassi Schroeder!

Kristen Doute is opening up about her feud with Vanderpump Rules co-star Stassi Schroeder. “My [point of view], and I hope that I’m wrong, but it kind of feels like as I’m watching these episodes, and it felt like over the summer, that Stassi was on this high horse of being in this now perfect relationship and now she’s getting married and everything’s great,” she told Us Weekly.

“Lala [Kent] has Randall [Emmett] and Brittany [Cartwright] has Jax [Taylor], Katie [Maloney] has Tom [Schwartz] and ‘OOP, here’s single Kristen, well that doesn’t fit with our group now. You can’t be in our pregnancy pact.’ But I don’t need a man to do everything that I’m doing.”

“I feel like every episode that I watch, I’m kind of waiting to see a private conversation between Katie and Stassi or for one of them to talk to someone else and say what this reason is because I really don’t know,” Kristen said about their fight.

Kristen called Stassi’s comments about her on the season 8 premiere episode “selfish” because she was there for her during her on-again, off-again relationship with Patrick Meagher. She also pointed out Katie’s bumpy relationship with husband Tom.

“So I just thought maybe there’d be a little more understanding. I can understand how the toxicity of Carter and I or the constant bickering or seeing me sad can weigh on someone, but it’s like I said at the reunion last year, it’s not the kind of love I want, so just be there for me,” she told Us Weekly. “I thought I could confide in my two best friends and have my girl venting sesh. All women do it, every single one of us, whether you’re married or just dating, you all complain about our dudes to each other, so I thought it would be a little more understanding about that and just let me learn these lessons on my own rather than telling me to kick rocks.”

“I just know that I’ve done everything to try to mend it, to try to have the conversation and there comes a point that I just had to go, you know what? I know my worth and I know what a great friend I’ve always been to them,” she explained. “I know that I’m kind and that I’m loyal and I’ve always been there for them and if that’s not something they want in their lives, there are a lot of other people that I can give that love to.”

Doute added that “the final nail in the coffin” would be if she’s not invited to Stassi’s wedding to Beau, which is set for October 2020.

Photo Credit: Bravo