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Kenya Moore Calls Out Tanya Sam And Porsha Williams On Twitter Over Their Shady RHOA Comments!

Kenya Moore has a lot to say about Tanya Sam revealing to the Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies that used a wig while they were in Toronto. Moore shared her thoughts on the topic when she was live-tweeting while the show was airing Sunday night.

"Funny I met Tanya helping her with her IVF off camera when I was pregnant," she tweeted. "I was happy to help her. A shame she has to lie. As you can see I was very sincere with her. #reaching to justify her passive aggressive behavior #RHOA," she wrote and added an emoji snake.

"Ummmm let's keep it real production, Cynthia told Tanya IN Toronto and that's why she brought the wig #RHOA"

"Opening the package is not in question," she continued. "I called her so many times and she purposely didn't give it to me bc she had a plan. #INeverCameForHer #RHOA"

"[Tanya Sam] liar," Kenya tweeted to Tanya. "I never denied wearing a wig at dinner," she wrote.

However, Tanya wasn't the only co-star that she came for - the former Miss USA also called out Porsha Williams for the shady commentary she said about her during her confessionals during Sunday night's episode of RHOA.

"That's the question I had too or why she didn't take up for me," Moore replied to a fan who asked why was Williams "being so shady" towards Moore "on her confessionals."

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo