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Brandi Glanville Says She’s ‘Willing To Take A Lie Detector Test’ Amid Denise Richards Hookup Drama!

Brandi Glanville continues to hint about her feud with Denise Richards. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum revealed that she can prove that she isn't a liar after reports surfaced that she is feuding with Denise Richards over their alleged hookup.

“I am not lying about ANYTHING that I said on housewives and Im willing to take a lie detector test,” she wrote via Twitter. “Let’s be clear I was not EVEN the aggressor!!!!”

In the past days, Glanville has hinted drama about her feud with Richards via Twitter.

“I soooooo want to tweet my thoughts right now! This is soo fucking stupid -night fucks,” she tweeted.

She added: “Their is a huge difference between hooking up with someone a couple of times and having a romantic relationship with someone,” she tweeted.

The news comes after it was reported that Brandi and Denise had sexual relations in the past. While the Richards initially “laughed it off,” a source told Us Weekly, Denise now “wants all of that footage taken out of the show.”

“It’s one thing for the drama to be directed or even scripted in certain situations, but to have blatantly false lies spewed as if it were fact is just wrong and shouldn’t be allowed,” the source revealed. “Brandi wanted to confront Denise at the finale of the cast party, but Denise already had other plans that evening and she didn’t want to give her a platform to make those allegations. … Brandi needs to provide proof that she hooked up with Denise. Text messages, dates, specifics.”

A second source claimed that Denise and Brandi “hooked up one more than one occasion.”

“Denise was not married to Aaron [Phypers] when they first hooked up. Another time Brandi was under the impression that they had some openness to Denise and Aaron’s relationship and that Aaron was aware of what was going on,” the second insider claimed, adding that Brandi has the “backup” she needs.

While Denise’s rep publicly denied the allegations. Brandi first hinted about the feud when she revealed on Twitter, writing, “I just got ‘Denised.’ … 1-blackmail is illegal. 2-I have no skeletons in my closet (they’re all on the internet). 3-slut shaming is soooooo last year.”

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