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Stephanie Hollman Sounds Off On Her Feud With Kameron Westcott: “The Way That She Treats Me Is Honestly, Like, A Bully”

Stephanie Hollman is opening up about her relationship with Kameron Westcott. The two ladies have been feuding on-off during the current season of the Real Housewives of Dallas. “We don’t speak at all,” Stephanie told Us Weekly.

“I would like to have a healthy friendship with her, but if it’s not going to be healthy, I don’t want a friendship.”

Hollman accuses Westcott of being a bully. “I feel like the way that she treats me is honestly, like, a bully. She talks down to me. She doesn’t let me finish sentences. She doesn’t respect me. She goes on social media and tries to call me a liar,” Stephanie explained.

“Honestly, I feel like those are actions of somebody who is trying to manipulate control. And to me, that’s stuff that a bully does. I just don’t agree with it. And I don’t do those things to her.”

Photo Credit: Bravo