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Sonja Morgan On Tinsley Mortimer Moving To Chicago To Be With Fiancé Scott Kluth: “I’m Not Going To Miss Filming With Her — What I’m Going To Miss Is Seeing Her Often”

Sonja Morgan weighs in on Tinsley Morgan moving to Chicago to be with fiancé Scott Kluth. “Tinsley moved to Chicago, but she’s not a New Yorker. She’s from Florida, she lived in Florida — that’s her residency,” she told Us Weekly.

“She’s never really been a New Yorker, she’s been living in a hotel, and you know I’m happy that she’s happy. She’s much happier where she is, let me tell you that. I can see it. … I’m not going to miss filming with her — what I’m going to miss is seeing her often.”

“I’ll go to Chicago and see her! I’m happy that she’s happy; that’s all I want,” said Morgan. “When I invited her to come live at the townhouse it was to protect her from being co-dependent with guys that were mistreating her and not having her brand and not moving forward with herself, not being herself.”

She continued: “I feel the time she did spend here with us, she did start to be herself again. … She modeled in the fashion show. She did her charity, she did the circus. We really did well and I think that’s why she’s getting married now to the man of her dreams.”

Morgan added that she and newbie Leah McSweeney will attend Tinsley’s upcoming wedding. “I’m invited and so is Leah. Yep, and we’re excited — we’re so excited for her,” Morgan told Us Weekly.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock