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Lethabo Mathatho Responds To Reports That Brinnette Seopela Is Suing Her For Defamation; Says “There Will Be No Apology From My Side”

Lethabo Mathatho is reacting to reports that her Real Housewives of Johannesburg co-star Brinnette Seopela is suing her for defamation. After Brinnette allegedly demanded a public apology from Lethabo over the “defamatory comments” she made about her, Lethabo made it clear that she was not apologizing to anyone.

“There will be no apology from my side, for more information and clarity let’s wait for the reunion,” she told DRUM.

The news comes after Seopela claimed that Mathatho “defamed” her at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. Sunday World broke down the news that Brinnette accused her co-stars of gossiping about her.

“For the past couple of episodes all they’ve been doing is spreading lies about me, and intentionally trying to harm me as a brand,” she told the publication.

The tension between Seopela and Mathatho ended up in a verbal altercation at the Glamour Awards. The publication reported that heated words were exchanged and a number of onlookers were privy to the insults they traded.

Brinette is issuing an ultimatum to Lethabo and the rest of her co-stars to publically apologize or she will take legal action against them.

“She should definitely apologize through all media platforms, be it on print, radio, I don’t care…. I feel that I deserve an apology, even though the apology will not reverse the damage caused to my reputation, so much that I’m considering taking legal action against them,” Brinnette told Sunday World.

Photo Credit: 1Magic