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Groupon Comments On RHOC Season 14 Reunion Drama Between Tamra Judge And Kelly Dodd, Tamra Claps Back And Gretchen Rossi Weighs In!

Groupon took to social media to weigh in on Tamra Judge’s feud with The Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd.

If you recall, in the first part of the RHOC season 14 reunion Tamra claimed Dodd’s beverage business was offering its products on clearance. Dodd fought back, claiming that Tamra and Eddie used Groupon to attract customers to their gym.

The following day, Groupon posted a screenshot of Cut Fitness’ Groupon page, which currently shows sold-out coupons for classes at 77 percent off. “We’re just gonna leave this right here,” its tweet read.

Emily Simpson raved over the post, tweeting, “My respect and admiration for @groupon just skyrocketed.”

Dodd also shared the screenshot of Cut Fitness’ Groupon page on Twitter.

But Tamra clapped back at Groupon. Judge revealed on Twitter that the coupons were from “many years ago” and that it was a “great way to get people into our business” when she and Eddie opened the gym seven years ago. “Check your facts dumb-ass,” she told Dodd.

Dodd replied: “Is backpedaling a workout routine they offer at Cut Fitness? When you stop lying so frequently in situations where it’s easy to expose the truth, you won’t have to always scramble to change your story … must be exhausting. Happy holidays to you & your fam.”

Tamra wrote back: “You poor thing. You still don’t understand even though I explained it to [you]. We are not on Groupon. Have not been in years. If we were I would admit it. That is an extremely old ad that’s not active. Keep attacking my business and you’ll find yourself in lawsuit w/ @CutFitOC.”

Judge also criticized Groupon for commenting on the feud. “This is extremely unprofessional of @Groupon and false advertisement,” she wrote in one tweet, according to Us.

In another post, she wrote: “I’m in disbelief that a business like @Groupon would post a 5 year old ad of their customers as if it was current. Sound [sic] illegal to me.”

Meanwhile, Judge's nemesis and former co-star Gretchen Rossi also shares her thoughts on the topic and praised Dodd for calling out Judge.

“Lol! Love that you called her out! As Tamra has always said "Once a #Liar always a Liar" who's the Liar now Tamra.”

 After a fan tweeted that Tamra was caught in one of her lies, Gretchen replied: “One? How about the millionth lie, sadly that's all that [woman] does is lie.”

“Oh that would be bad for her,” Rossi responded to a fan after suggesting that she should return and help Emily Simpson and Kelly calling out Judge.

After one follower called out Rossi for commenting on Judge, she replied: “[You're] seriously a dumbass. I could give a rats ass she is on Groupon, it's about her lying about it, she has been lying  for years about everything!”

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