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Cynthia Bailey Shares New Details About Her Upcoming Wedding, Will RHOA Ladies Be Included In The Guest List?! Plus Cynthia Admits She Hopes To Repair Friendship With NeNe Leakes!

Cynthia Bailey is set to tie the knot with Mike Hill in 2020. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shares new details about her upcoming wedding, including which RHOA cast members will attend her nuptials.

“We have a date, which is perfect, 2020, 10/10/20, if you put it together; 2020, 10 plus 10 is 20, and 20… It's good because we have, like, our whole little mantra thing is we're not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other,” she told Extra.

Will her wedding guest list include her RHOA co-stars? “Well, I have to see how the season works out and then how the reunion works out. The people that love and support me from the cast will definitely have an invitation to the wedding.”

While she and former bestie NeNe Leakes are not in a good place, Bailey hopes that they are able to repair their friendship.

 “I hope so. I really hope so. You know, there was a lot of genuine love there, and even though we're on the outs, there still is. I still do have love for her, so I won't speak for her, but I still definitely have love for her and, you know, it sucks to be around your ex-friend and not be able to be like friends and not, you know, had that, that sisterhood anymore.”

“I don’t want to not be friends with her,” Bailey reiterated. “I definitely don’t want to be enemies with her.”

Cynthia also reacts to Leakes' comments that there would be no show without her, Cynthia reacted, “Well, you know what? I can agree with her to some degree… I do honestly think NeNe brings a lot to the show. I really do… I mean, I feel like all the women bring a lot to the show, but you know, there is no other NeNe,” she told Extra.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram