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Comedian Heather McDonald Wants Jim Bellino’s 1 Million Lawsuit Dismissed!

Jim Bellino's lawsuit against comedian Heather McDonald and Real Housewives of Orange County stars Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge continues! According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Heather McDonald is back in court trying to dismiss Bellino’s case against her.

If you recall, Bellino sued McDonald over a podcast she did with Judge and Beador. He accused all three women of defaming his good name during their public conversation.

McDonald fired back at the lawsuit denying all allegations of wrongdoing. She is denying Bellino’s claim that she caused him financial harm. She is asking the judge to toss out the entire case.

In newly filed documents, McDonald claims to have invited Judge and Beador to tape her podcast because her fans love them.

She filed a declaration stating the reason she talked about Bellino’s divorce. “I found the Bellino divorce to be shocking since a major storyline about their real lives on the reality show was that they both were devout Christians and that Jim did not want Alexis to work outside the home. In that storyline, Alexis was offered a job on a morning TV show in San Diego, but Jim was not supportive and Alexis did not accept the job. Throughout the three seasons that Jim and Alexis starred on the popular television show, which continues to run repeat episodes and weekend-long marathons of past seasons, viewers have seen them both live their lives as a married couple. Alexis would quote the Bible, “I was made from my husband’s rib.”

McDonald is adamant she did nothing wrong and wants the case dismissed.

If you recall, Bellino filed a lawsuit against McDonald in June. He accused her of defaming him by allowing Tamra Judge Shannon Beador to talk about his divorce from Alexis and his trampoline business and then publishing the allegedly defamatory statements on her podcast.

Jim sued McDonald for damages in excess of $1 million.

Last year, Tamra and Shannon appeared on McDonald’s live Juicy Scoop podcast. “He was very crusty … I almost sent her a message saying, ‘I’m so sorry,’ but then you sent me that text saying, ‘Do you think that he’s trying to protect her? Do you think that he’s in trouble and she can’t testify against him if he’s in trouble?” Judge said at the time.

Multiple blogs reported that Judge said her “theory” was Jim is “going to jail.” Meanwhile, Beador reportedly claimed, “people get paralyzed” at his trampoline park business and the estranged couple “got sued” because of it, according to Us Weekly.

Beador was dismissed from the case and was awarded $137,340.25 in the defamation lawsuit filed against her by Bellino. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the award will cover Beador’s legal bills.

Meanwhile, Jim is still fighting Judge in court over her “jail” comment, according to The Blast.

Photo Credit: Getty/Google Images