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Porsha Williams Shares An Update On Her Current Relationship With Fiancé Dennis McKinley: “We’re Doing The Work That Needs To Be Done To Have A Great Foundation”

Porsha Williams explains why she decided to share her issues with Dennis McKinley on the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta after revealing in the Season 12 premiere episode that McKinley was unfaithful to her while she was pregnant.

"Regardless of what I'm going through, no matter how much you wanna go into a corner and shut the door, you know, this is what I signed up for, is to have my life being shown on the show," she told Entertainment Tonight.

"I would call it a journey called life," she adds of what fans are about to see. "I mean. it's real life, like, I'm really going through a very real situation, and finding my way through it, and finding my happy and what that means for my family at the end of the story."

Porsha notes that she's "definitely not too excited" to relive their separation, but says she and Dennis will watch every episode together as a form of therapy.

"He's definitely gonna watch it, as he should," she said. "I think that it'll even give him a whole other side of what I was going through, and he can see how we were talking to each other."

So how are Porsha and Dennis doing these days? "We're engaged and we're doing really good," Porsha Entertainment Tonight. "We’re doing the work that needs to be done to have a great foundation and build an amazing family for us."

Porsha says they currently have no plans set for a wedding. Instead, the Bravo reality star confesses that she and Dennis are currently "thinking about" expanding the family, teasing that there's a "strong possibility" that their daughter Pilar could become a big sister sooner rather than later.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images