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Melissa Gorga Says “There’s A Lot Of Friend Drama” In Season 10 Of RHONJ And Explains How She Learned To “Put My Foot Down” With Teresa Giudice!

Melissa Gorga is teasing what viewers can expect in Season 10 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. “You’re actually going to see a lot of change in dynamics as far as the friends go, it’s a really crazy season — loyalty and a lot of sides get chosen,” Melissa told Page Six. “There’s a lot of friend drama, and the saga continues.”

Melissa reveals she feels “stuck in the middle” where some opinions are concerned about her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. “I honestly do feel stuck in the middle a lot because I don’t always agree with all of Teresa’s decisions, but she is my sister-in-law so I want to back her up, but still let her know when I don’t agree with her,” she explained.

Melissa also revealed that she and her husband Joe have considered adding a fourth child to their household.  “We’ve been thinking about it for a really long time, actually,” Melissa told Page Six. “I always said I wanted three, but then as everyone got independent I kinda started to decide that I wanted another one, but we weren’t sure because it would be a process.”

In a separate interview, Melissa shares additional details about what to expect in Season 10 and how the drama in the new season has affected her relationship with Teresa Giudice.

"I’ve learned to put Teresa in her place. Whereas before, we worried about the family not having dinner together, we’re in a spot now where I can put her in her place and let her know, 'We’re not children here. If you don’t like this girl and you don’t get along with her, then that’s a separate thing than us having family dinner on Sunday,'" Melissa told AOL. "I put my foot down with that, and I’ve also done the same with my friends to let them know, like, 'I know you may have had your issues, but that’s my sister-in-law and at the day, family is family and that’s it.'"

"It’s very difficult. I do sometimes feel trapped in the middle and not knowing what to do, because I don’t always agree with Teresa, but she is my sister-in-law and I’ll always protect her. It sometimes put me in that though spot," she added. "I’m a standup girl and I do what’s right most of the time. I’m always in that spot where it’s like, 'Are you going to be on this side or that side?' And I think I’ve done a really good job of not breaking either way and staying with my truth, which always works for me."

Melissa also explains why she gets the along the best with Margaret Josephs and Jackie Goldschneider.

"To be honest, I think it’s a lot about our lifestyles, but we also all think the same: We’re a bit more of the rational thinkers in the group, and we think a bit more before we speak, which helps us get along better and agree with each other more," she explained to AOL. "It wasn’t like a planned thing, it was just that no matter what was going on in the group, the three of us would say, 'Yeah, no, we don’t see it that way.' The other three would feel differently, and it was just such a natural split with personalities. It’s also the way we run our families and are in our relationships that are the same. There’s a lot that happens to be similar."

Melissa notes why she believes the current cast of the Bravo hit reality series works so well for the show.

"I still feel like we found our group. 'Jersey' is very hard to cast -- I always say that -- because it’s hard to mix people in with Teresa and I and the family drama and make them feel comfortable like they can speak their mind," she told AOL. "I’m telling you, in this cast we still have the family, which everyone loves, and we get enough from the new girls to keep it fresh and it just works. I really do think it’s a great cast."

Photo Credit: Bravo