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LeeAnne Locken Denies Being Racist Over Remarks She Made About Kary Brittingham On RHOD, D’Andra Simmons And Kary Sound Off On Drama Over LeeAnne’s L’Infinity Dress!

LeeAnne Locken is shutting down claims that she's racist after referring to her co-star Kary Brittingham as "Mexican" during last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. The Mouth from the South took to Twitter to address the topic after facing backlash on social media.

"You will see someone SAY they are trying to make a "joke" but when the joke is at another persons expense IT"S NOT A JOKE! I laugh at myself plenty, but when being PICKED ON & BULLIED for almost an hour, it's just not fun!," she wrote about co-stars D'Andra Simmons and Kary. "At no time would I find what happens to me tonight funny!"

LeeAnne addressed fans on Twitter over comments she made about Kary about her ethnicity. "I am repeating what she says!! Nothing more!"

LeeAnne then revealed on the social media platform that she believed D'Andra wore her L'Ifinity dress to hurt her. "She did it to hurt me! After begging me at Travis party not to FIGHT with her in Thailand."

LeeAnne also wrote: "It's her nationality! It was parroted not racist."

LeeAnee denies being racist. "I repeated how she describes herself," she wrote. "I also apologized."

LeeAnne fights back at viewers who accuse her of being racist. "I am not!," she wrote. "I fight nonstop for equality. I grew up with a Mexican family that I consider my family. I repeated what she constantly says about herself."

After a fan tweeted to LeeAnne that she gave D'Andra and Kary ammunition over her reaction at the end of the episode, she wrote: "She's been waiting for that!"

"My strength is wearing thin. Thank you!!!" LeeAnne wrote to a fan who called Simmons and Brittingham "bullies" over dissing Locken's L'Infinity dress.

After another viewer asked Locken when will she take accountability for her actions, she responded: "ALL THE DAMN TIME! I didn't call it a joke and I apologized. next?"

Locken continued to defend herself after she was accused of being racist over comments she made about Brittingham. "I'm not a racist. # Mexican is not an ETHNICITY or a RACE. It's a nationality," she tweeted. "I apologized."

LeeAnne also believes some of her co-stars want to push her buttons enough to make her leave the show. "That is there WHOLE GOAL! Make me miserable enough to leave the show."

LeeAnne shared more details about the dramatic dinner in Thailand. "Making fun of me is NOT a joke! I sat there and TOOK THEIR SH*T for an hour! #done #hurt #heartbroken"

"ALWAYS! And I think I am finally done taking it!," Locken replied to a fan after she was asked if she feels like people are always "testing" her.

Locken continued to deny on social media that she's racist. "Insensitive yes. But calling me a racist is incorrect. Mexican is her nationality! And I apologized to her."

LeeAnne claimed that D'Andra bought her L'Infinity dress "under an ASSUMED NAME."

She tweeted: "When you buy my product under an ASSUMED NAME you meant to do evil with it!"

LeeAnne said "I did apologize" to Kary, but Carny kid revealed that the blonde newcomer "refused to accept it."

Meanwhile, D'Andra Simmons and Kary Brittingham shared their side of the story on Twitter regarding their issues with LeeAnne Locken over the L'Infiity dress.

"Honestly I was very confused because this L'Infinity dress was vert difficult to put on... With or without my @SPANX," she tweeted, tagging Kary and adding a laughing emoji smiley.

After a fan called them out for continuously dissing the dress in front of Locken, Kary replied: "Yes I agree I didn't have to say it over and over. I was really annoyed with her but it was not right."

Brittingham agreed with a viewer who called her out that "two wrongs do not make a right" even if she has done "sh*tty things," to which Kary replied: "You are right."

When asked why Kary was so aggressive towards Locken, she replied: "Sorry but she was attacking me all day and I was tired of it."

After a viewer came to Brittingham's defense and slammed Locken for picking fun at her for not understanding English, Kary replied: "Thank you! She didn't like me since the beginning now I know why......"

Meanwhile, D'Andra shared a photo of Locken dressed up as "two-faced" in an angel and a devil costume during the show's second season at Stephanie Hollman's Halloween party (which Locken said she was dressed as Hollman) along with the caption: "Ha! Ha! Love the double standards!"

Despite the drama, D'Andra reveals that she "apologized" for the "joke."

Simmons reveals the reason why she decided to wear Locken's L'Infninity dress. "You can call it to shade, but I felt some of these ladies needed to take a chill pill coming on this trip, and honest to god thought it was in all good fun. Plus I was going into this trip good with LeeAnne, so why would I maliciously wear her dress," she tweeted.

She added: "You can't say I'm not a supportive friend! I wore the L'Infinity dress in my own confessional look."

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