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Jill Zarin Dishes On Possible Return To RHONY And Reveals Where She Stands With Bethenny Frankel!

Jill Zarin says she will never return to The Real Housewives of New York City as a full-time cast member and admits she would return to the series as a "friend" of the show. “My time has come. My time has passed,” she told HollywoodLife at BravoCon. “It’s my choice.”

Zarin thinks it’s a good move for a reaction from viewers about returning to the show in a smaller role. "A little chill goes a long way, leave them wanting more,” she said. “Leave when the party’s over, and leave them wanting more. I don’t want to overstay my welcome."

Jill also went on to confirm that her decision to not return to the Bravo hit reality show has nothing to do with Dorinda Medley over rumors that they got into a rift on Halloween. “We got into it, but not about that. Definitely not. Dorinda and I are friends,” she stated when asked if Medley affected her decision. “I’m friends with all the girls. And I’m friends with LuAnn [de Lesseps] I’m friends with Sonja [Morgan]. You know, I’m in such a good place with all of them. Who wants to fight with anybody?"

Zarin confirms that she will make an appearance in the upcoming season of RHONY. "I did one scene or whatever, one… I’m very happy," she told HollywoodLife. "I have a great guy in my life. I’m building my brands. I have my jewels and mugs and now I’m launching bedding and towels and a whole line of pet products, and draperies, mattress protectors, pillow protectors, all kinds of pillows, sofa protectors. I have 27 product lines coming out next year. I’m busy. I can’t take on anymore. Certainly not TV projects. That’s an enormous amount of time and I make a living and I do a lot better in the private sector, selling product. The show is in a different place. I don’t fit into that mold."

In a separate interview, Jill revealed why she will not return to RHONY despite the viewer's requests. "I could never live up to the fans wanting me to come back, but I think I'm done. The time is over for me," Zarin told Entertainment Tonight, adding that she's in her "third act" of life. "I had my run and I'm very happy I did."

As for her relationship with Bethenny Frankel after their televised falling out, Zarin shared that she's on good terms with her former co-star.

"We're good! We're all good. We're actually very good," she told ET. "You know, peace and love."

Zarin told ET that she's not surprised that Frankel decided to leave RHONY again. "I just wasn't surprised because I think Betthenny always knows when the party is over for her and she wants to move on," she explained. "She owns it and goes. If she thinks it's a mistake, she'll come back. That's it."

As for whether she thinks Frankel could actually return, Zarin admitted, "I probably would be surprised because I think she's done, but what do I know, you know? I don't really know."

Photo Credit: Bravo