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Brandi Glanville And Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Weigh In On Meghan King Edmonds And Jim Edmonds’ Divorce Drama!

Brandi Glanville and Teddi Mellencamp are speaking out and sharing their thoughts about Meghan King Edmonds and Jim Edmonds divorce drama. The current and former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars share their takes on the pair’s breakup and cheating allegations against Jim on Mellencamp’s “Teddi Tea Pod With Teddi Mellencamp” podcast.

Glanville calls Meghan and Jim “gross” when Mellencamp first mentions their names. “I can’t even with either one of them,” said the mother-of-two.

“Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter to me if he hooked up with the nanny or not. To me, if [my husband] Edwin [Arroyave] was going to events or doing things with my mommy’s helper, he would be dead,” Mellencamp says in response, according to Us Weekly. “Even when I read [Jim’s] thing where it said like, ‘Oh, I support her, I’m helping her grow and mature into a woman.’ I’m like, that is a hard no. It’s so weird and the fact that he’s justifying that behavior, to me, the cheating doesn’t matter. You’re obviously living in your own world.”

“After it was found out, he had deleted all these photos of this nanny,” Glanville tells Mellencamp. “Why are there photos of the nanny on your Instagram, anyway?”

Later on, the Drinking & Tweeting best selling author says Meghan chose “to have kids with someone that, you know, is a known cheater and then you cry about it after it.” Glanville admits to feeling “bad” for Meghan’s situation since she is raising three young kids with Jim.

“I have empathy for her situation, for sure,” Mellencamp adds. “I also think that this is the best thing for her that it’s over.”

If you recall, on October 25, Meghan and Jim split after five years of marriage. An insider told the publication at the time that the former Bravo reality star had accused Jim of cheating with their nanny Carly Wilson. However, Jim and Carly both denied cheating allegations, and on October 30, Jim said that he was “saddened tremendously” that Meghan was hurting.

However, Meghan slams Jim's previous statement for making it sound like she had agreed to try and make things work: “That’s not fair to me. He is not my mouthpiece, and I believe the facade he presented is false and manipulative to the public while using and taking advantage of me.”

Jim’s statement, he said that he was “hoping for some peace, normalcy, and the ability to move forward in a healthy, happy direction for every single person involved” and noted that he loves his family “and will make it right again.”

Meghan admits she was blindsided by the divorce filing and she found out about it online. “Divorce had been discussed as something that could be possible but I truly thought he could change and work through his demons,” she says. “Divorce never really crossed my mind. I had to find a divorce lawyer in a matter of hours. He filed so quickly that it seems to me (and others) it had been ready to go and he just was waiting for an event to happen so he could pull the trigger.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images