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Ashley Darby Opens Up About Motherhood And Admits She’s ‘Trying’ For Baby No. 2, Gizelle Bryant Says ‘Everything Old Is New Again’ In Her Relationship With Jamal Bryant!

Ashley Darby reveals she and her husband Michael Darby are trying for another baby. "I'm already trying to get a second one in here," the Real Housewives of Potomac star told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm trying."

Ashley also gushes about motherhood. "It's the best thing I could ever imagine," Ashley said. "I'm so happy. It was actually a little bit hard for me to come this weekend [to BravoCon]. Even though I'm so excited, and I want to see everybody, I miss my son so much. I'm just staring at photos -- and it's an exercise for me to be present and kind of get back into my old self, where I'm used to be social and with adults, not just a cooing, googling little baby."

Ashley also shared an update on her marriage. "Michael and I are in a great place," Ashley shared. "If anything, the challenges of new parenthood have entered our relationship, so that's presented some obstacles, and it's really made us kind of confront some of the things that we swept under the rug. We can't do that anymore. Now, we have a little bean that depends on us. So, it's introduced a whole new set of challenges."

Meanwhile, Gizelle Bryant confirmed earlier this summer that she rekindled a romance with her ex-husband Jamal Bryant. Now, the Bravo reality star is sharing an update on their relationship.

"Yeah, everything old is new again," Gizelle told HollywoodLife. "But, there’s a lot of things to work out. I have a major life where I live in Maryland. My kids are in school there. He’s got a big church in Atlanta. Where would I live? It’s a lot of things to work out."

Gizelle also reveals she's open to marrying her ex-husband again if he ever proposes. "I would say yes," Gizelle said. "He’s the only man I’ve ever married, so marrying him again would be easy, I think."

Photo Credit: Bravo, Google Images, Instagram