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Tarina Patel Opens Up About Joining The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg!

Tarina Patel is opening up about joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg."It's really nice to be able to share. I love sharing my world, my thoughts, my ideology, my philosophy in life and here everybody gets to see what my life is like," she said, according to IOL Entertainment.

"Also I met fabulous girls so I get to have all of this fun with a new set of girlfriends." 

Patel considers herself the peacemaker in the group. "I think I am the quintessential balance between the villain and the peacemaker, haha, no I'm kidding. I naturally incline towards peace. I do a lot of work in peace activism, I believe in peace on earth and I want to advocate that," said Patel.

Patel also reveals that the way she deals with haters is to "let it go".

"The lion does not roar when the sheep blah. It should be water off a duck's back. I've had years of practice, I grew up in an environment where your closest friends and family are always hating on you."

She added: "At the very inception my life was always different, I came from a different environment from those around me and people hate because they can't understand. If anything, it should fuel me on."

Patel is one of the newest cast members to join the South African series for Season 2 along with Lebo Jojo Gunguluza, Lethabo "Lejoy" Mathatho, Nompumelelo "Mrs Mops" Mophatlane and Mpho Merriweather who are joined by returning cast members Brinnette Seopela and Christall Kay.

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg Season 2 premieres on Friday, October 18 at 7:00pm on 1Magic!

Photo Credit: 1Magic