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Kathy Marino And Christopher Keyes From OC Fashion Week Call Out Braunwyn Windham-Burke And Her Mother Over Fashion Show Drama — Christopher Claims Dr. Deb Used A Racial Slur Against Him, Dr. Deb Denies Allegation!

Kathy Marino and Christopher Keyes from the OC Fashion Week took to social media to call out Deborah Windham, who is known as Dr. Deb and Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Kathy accuses the Real Housewives of Orange County mother-daughter duo of bullying and Christopher claims Dr. Deb used a racial slur.

It all went down when Dr. Deb took to her Instagram page to address the drama that went down at the OC Fashion Show, where her granddaughter launched the debut of her clothing line.

"Tonight’s RHOC show, I’m sensitive to anyone grabbing or touching me aggressively without permission, based on my past experience, having been a target for predators , especially men," she wrote. "I had too many of my high school friends dads, bosses, and over eager seniors doing it,...just don’t do it, don’t grab us, don’t grab us by the arm, don’t grab us by the pussy, just don’t ... here’s some men that have permission to hug me,...thank you to my daughter and Kelly for having my back and my sweet wonderful men for surrounding me with love."

She added the hashtags: "#Halloweenvibe #dontgrabus #ask #askpermission #drdeb #rhoc #metoo #creepy #creepyguys #sensitive #metoo #womenempoweringwomen #stopgaslighting #womensrightsarehumanrights"

If you recall, Dr. Deb went to use the bathroom but then she accuses a man, who the show describes him as a "security guard" of grabbing her arm after he questioned where she was going. After Dr. Deb freaked out, she told her daughter what went down and Braunwyn storms off and questions Kathy Marino, the president of the OC Fashion Week and demands what happened with her mother.

However, Kathy is not too pleased how this is going down and loses it. Kelly comes to Braunwyn's rescue and they get into a heated argument, which Kathy then proceeds to use the microphone and accuse them of bullying her.

Marino then took to her Instagram page to call out Braunwyn and Deb over the incident.

"I don't appreciate that bail and switch. [Braunwyn Windham-Burke] that was uncalled for and the treat to throw me over our chartered yacht this was not your event to dictate you were only accommodated for at your request and I supported your daughter and this is the thanks we get for supporting you," she wrote. "You insulted our sponsor @keyesopensdoors Mr Chris Keyes without him you would not have been able to showcase your daughters collection the audacity for you to even twist the truth for your own gain #nationalbullypreventionmonth."

She then shared a screenshot of what it looks like Dr. Deb exchanges DM's with Christopher Keyes, the man she accused of grabbing her during the fashion show.

"From Punky Brewster to Mr Keyes when are you going to stop putting the black man down unbelievable- desperate for fame - at what cost ? His life ? Him and his wife are having a baby and you do this ? #nationalbullypreventionmonth #xcyberbully @bravoandy this is getting out of hand we live normal lives here we Aren’t Hollywood in OC you mean to say that any company can be subjected to these risks and any and all of our sponsors, designers and students and all our guests with the exception of 60 crashers and some people threatening our guests , that this is what is required to create a reality show ? I want Answers - can anyone board a plane and moving vessel and cause this much chaos that puts everyone at risk like this ? At what point will it take to be Socially Responsible this isn’t television from 20 years ago there are some feeds that have large network following that a network show could never organically obtain - there are repercussions that is now negatively affecting everyone," she wrote. "When your staff asked for A LifeGuard were you really going to have them throw me over our yacht ? That’s a federal offense much bigger issues then a little microphone action #nationalbullypreventionmonth #XCyberbullying #SuicidePrevention #Bullychasers #AreYouCreatingBullies #MartimeLaw Shame on you Brauwyn and Dr Deb to garner fame by hitting below the belt calling someone Sweetheart does not merit this nor an apology for your fame!"

As for Christopher Keyes, he responded to her allegations via his Instagram Stories to share his side of the story and accused the RHOC grandmother of using a racial slur against him.

"Let's talk facts. No one grabbed you. You were out of line in your actions to bully [Kathy Marino] and by not following the rules of the house I asked you to stop because you were going where you weren't allowed. Not to mention how you called me a N---- thinking that would [affect] me," he wrote. Good try but don't try to use abuse as a way to change the narrative for your ego. You're a liar and a bigot and this is beyond shameful.

He added: God have mercy on your soul."

Keyes then shared more details on what exactly went down. "I am not a security guard," he told AllAboutTheTEA. "I don’t know any of those people. I was an official sponsor for OCFW." Keyes further explained his profession. "I am a luxury realtor."

Keyes denies grabbing Dr. Deb. "I tapped on her shoulder…attempting to get her to listen (to security’s repeated request) as the prompts were to keep people safe and keep things orderly. She didn’t like it and made a huge deal out of it."

He then claims that security at the event communicated to the attendees that the area Dr. Deb attempted to enter was restricted but allegedly she ignored their warnings.

"Pretty simple. They weren’t supposed to be going upstairs. As they had to get the models out of the initial runway to go get ready for the next show. Despite being told to wait and security guards asking them to wait they decided to shoot past.” he explained. "I then go upstairs a few minutes later and they are going absolutely crazy bullying and berating the director [Kathy Marino] of the show."

He continues, "I step in to attempt to diffuse the situation and then she goes crazy on me, all over again about grabbing her when I never did."

Keyes claims that Dr. Deb allegedly called him a racial slur in the heat of the argument. "Walking away, I hear a racial slur. She called me a n*****, he told AllAboutTheTEA. "But according to her, I’m just saying that for attention."

However, Dr. Deb is denying Christopher's allegations.

"Of course not!, It's all recorded, everything I say is recorded, that guy is looking for his 5 min of fame," she told a fan.

According to Reality Blub, sources reveal that production is backing up Deb as they state they went back to listen to all of her audio recording from that day and they found no evidence she used any racial slurs.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Google Images