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Former Vanderpump Rules Star Vail Bloom Granted Restraining Order Against Her Fiancé After Alleged Violent Domestic Assault!

Vail Bloom was granted a restraining order against her fiancé after a violent domestic violence incident where she claims she ended up injured. According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the former Vanderpump Rules star, who is 26 weeks pregnant, claims on October 18, her fiancé dragged her by the hair and pushed her during an argument.

Bloom says in documents on October l5 2019 her fiancé Frank Mechaly, "yelled at me to pack my stuff and my cat and “get out” and not come back. I told him that I was going to leave right away (in the Uber) but I could not take everything right then. I reminded him that I had no place to go and that I was pregnant and the stress was not good for me. I told him I had found a place to begin a two-week stay the next day, while I looked for a more permanent home, and that a 24 hour turn around seemed reasonable."

She continued, "He threatened to call the police and have me arrested for trespassing if I refused to bring my cat and several suitcases with me when I left in the Uber. I said, “Do you really think it is a good idea to have your pregnant fiancé put in jail? I won’t get any good food or have a comfortable place to lie down.” He yelled, “I. Don’t. Care!”

Injury Photo of Vail, Credit: The Blast

Bloom says during the argument, "Without warning (he) took two steps towards me and pushed me forcefully with each of his hands on my upper chest. His face was angry. I was shocked and terrified as I stumbled backwards and I retreated from him."

Vail says police were called to the scene after the argument spilled into the street in front of the home. It's at that time she says Mechaly assaulted her again, according to docs via The Blast.

She claims he, "ran over to where I was standing and he grabbed me by my hair and left upper arm and collarbone, and tried to drag me from the street towards his home."

Injury Photo of Vail, Credit: The Blast

After police arrived the former soap actress was able to retrieve her daughter Charlie from a previous relationship who was asleep in the home.

In the restraining order, Bloom says this is not the first time he has been violent towards her. She claims in September of this year, during an argument, Mechaly choked her while in bed.

"Then with one hand, he forcibly and forcibly my jaw still so that I could not move my head. Respondent put his knee on my upper body to continue to hold my arms in place. With the other hand, he grabbed a bottle of sparkling water which was on the floor next to the bed. He began to pour the water down my throat and nose. The carbonation of the water burned my nose‚ and I was choking and gagging," she says in the documents.

According to the outlet, a judge granted her a restraining order, and the fiancé has to stay 100 yards away from the former Bravo reality star.

In the order, she is also granted several hours to collect her stuff from his home including items to take care of her daughter, reports The Blast.

Photo Credit: Getty Images