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Brandi Glanville Opens Up About Lisa Vanderpump’s RHOBH Exit And Explains Why She Thinks The Tres Amigas Are ‘Using’ Kelly Dodd For A Storyline!

Brandi Glanville explains why she's defending Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd against the Tres Amigas (Shannon Beador, Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson) and weighs in on Lisa Vanderpump's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' exit.

"I think that she has so much going on herself, she doesn't really fit in with the girls anymore," she told Entertainment Tonight about LVP quitting RHOBH. "She's not getting in a bikini and jumping off cliffs. She's at the next chapter, and she has everything."

"And it's not fun to watch someone that you used to love kinda go down, no matter what we went through," she adds. "It's not fun to watch. But no, I just feel like that chapter's closed."

Glanville then shares her thoughts on Kelly Dodd's feud with the Tres Amigas on the current season of RHOC.

"I feel bad for Kelly, to be honest," Brandi says. "I just feel like they're all using her, to go after her so she reacts, so [they’ll] have a storyline."

"Kelly and I have been friends for many years, to be honest, and people did not know that," she shares. "We understand each other because we are the person that everyone goes after just to get a reaction. So, it's like if you want to have a storyline, go after Kelly, because [she's] gonna give you this explosive, craziness. So, I understand her position in a group of women who don't want to share their lives, so they'd rather go after her, so she looks like the bad guy because she reacts the same way I react! So, I understand her, but we've been friends for years."

"We've had these deep conversations," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I'm like, 'Girl, don't react.' She's like, 'You don't react!' I'm like... well, if that was possible, would've done that. But, they have our number and we're not changing it, so it's an easy out."

Glanville and Dodd are set to appear in an upcoming episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

"I said, if we don't end up in jail, we'll be there," Brandi jokes. "Honestly, together, we get along so well. I spent the night at her place in Newport and all that. We don't get in fights with each other. She's nice to people, which is very important to me. A lot of these women on these shows think they're like Brad and Angie, and you're like, 'Oh, you're just being rude to people for no reason?!' She's a lovely f**king -- she's a lovely human being, and it's important."

Photo Credit: Getty Images