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Bethenny Frankel On Leaving RHONY: “I Made A Good Decision”

Bethenny Frankel is talking about her new projects since quitting The Real Housewives of New York City. The Skinnygirl mogul admits she wasn’t actually planning her next steps when she made the announcement she’d be leaving the Bravo series.

“I was planning to just breathe, but it was a chapter ending,” she told Us Weekly.”It’s very symbolic and poetic, but it really was a chapter ending, and it does feel like a completely clean slate, a new chapter. And I like the way it feels in many ways: in my family, in my humanitarian work, in my business, in my personal life, in my relationship, with everything, so it really does affect everything.”

Frankel also added that while “people make decisions out of fear,” she believes in making decisions “out of truth,” so that’s what she did.

“I’m really excited because to leave something, you have to jump to fly, so I just made a decision and I made a good decision,” she told Us Weekly. “I’m just focusing on the future and also spending more downtime for myself, looking at different properties, just breathing. I’m exhaling for the first time in a really long time. I had a really difficult year, and so I’m just exhaling for the first time in a while.”

Photo Credit: Bravo