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Former RHOCheshire Star Lauren Simon Was Robbed By Two Masked Thieves At Her £2.5 Million Mansion!

Lauren Simon was apparently home alone when she was robbed of her jewelry by two masked thieves at her £2.5 million mansion. They fled with thousands of pounds worth of items leaving the former Real Housewives of Cheshire star “terrified.”

“She’s incredibly strong so I’m hoping she will be able to move forward but she was really shaken by this,” a source close to Lauren told The Sun.

Police said officers were investigating the raid in Bowdon, Gtr Manchester.

A spokesman confirmed the victim was confronted by two men who “stole jewellery before fleeing” last weekend around 11:30pm.

Earlier this year, Lauren deiced to leave the ITVBe hit reality series after eight seasons while going through divorce proceedings from estranged husband Paul Simon. Lauren also admitted that she has no plans to return to the series.

"Since November I've been on a health kick," she previously told Manchester Evening News. "I've done most of this year with zero alcohol at all and training. I've not been filming so I thought while I'm not working I'm going to concentrate on getting myself fit and healthy and mentally well because I've had such a hard time."

"I'm still fighting this divorce. This is three and half years and the only way for me to be mentally and physically fit is to take up mindfulness, take up hypnosis, to literally cut out anything that's unhealthy. So I don't have any alcohol and I eat very little carbs. But I can't give up chocolate."

"When we filmed it's very social and I'd think 'oh I'll have a glass of champagne' so while I'm not working there's no point," she continued. "I'm being really healthy, lots of fish and vegetables, juicing and I can feel the benefits."

"This journey has been so difficult and I've been so lucky to have the most gorgeous friends and the girls in the show have all been amazing and supportive," she said. "If I hadn't had the support from my family and my close friends I don't think I'd still be standing."

"I needed to take time out and actually look after me. If I'm not well how can I look after my family?," she explained. "I just felt like I needed to take a break, try and relax and through that I've tried yoga, and I have to hold my hands up, I hate it."

Lauren claimed it was at her request that her exit wasn't mentioned last season. "It was my request, because the court process is still going on, for me not to be spoken about on the television," she explained.

Lauren explains she decided to walk away from the series because she wanted time to heal and focus on her ongoing divorce. She also mentions that she didn't want her children seeing her discussing her issues with their father, her estranged husband Paul.

"I didn't want my children to turn on the TV and see me crying and upset and just saying negative things."

Lauren is looking forward to the future. "I'm hoping for the future, once this is all over, 2020 will be a different year, " she previously told Manchester Evening News. "It's got to finish sometime. I'm hoping by 2020 the doors are closed and I can move forward to whatever's next."

Photo Credit: ITVBe