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Greg Bennett Is Officially Engaged To Boyfriend Alex Ces!

Greg Bennett is officially engaged to boyfriend Alex Ces, and the Manzo'd With Children alum shared the big news on Instagram over the weekend. "Well... I got it ❤️💍," he posted alongside the photo of him on one knee asking Ces to marry him.

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In the comment section of Bennett's post, Caroline Manzo congratulated him by writing, "This makes me very happy/love you both!! Congratulations."

Lauren Manzo Scalia also shared her excitement: "Literally still crying." She added, "Congratulations [Greg and Alex]!!! I sobbed way more than I care to admit tonight. This is about me."

Albie Manzo also shared his excitement for the newly engaged couple by writing, "Seeing this absolutely could not make me any happier. Congrats to one of my best friends on the planet. This wedding is gonna be a trip [and] a halffffff. Love you guys!"

In another post, Bennett shared thanked his family, friends and everyone else for all the "well wishes." He also shared a photo of the engagement ring. He also thanked his fiance for saying "yes."

"So happy 🤗 Thanks for all the well wishes. Thanks especially to our parents, friends, and family for hauling it to NYC and celebrating with us last night, Yanina & Branden @yaninajewelry for helping me design the ring, the various bar patrons who cheered every time I screamed “I’M ENGAGED!” last night, and my fiancé Alex for saying yes. Deactivating this account and starting a joint account with him. Jkjkjk that would be mortifying. Love you all so much ❤️😭❤️😭❤️," he wrote.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram