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Marlo Hampton Opens Up About Recent Health Scare And Clears Up Breast Cancer Rumors!

Marlo Hampton is clearing up rumors that she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star  spoke about her recent health scare during an episode of Us’ “Hot Hollywood” podcast after her Instagram Story asked fans for their prayers.

Hampton explained that while she did have large lumps in her breast, they turned out to be cysts that have since decreased in size.

“A couple weeks back … I came home and it was crazy, something was like, ‘Touch your breast.’ So I’m touching … my breast, right? And I felt a huge lump. I mean huge, to where I’m, like, panicking,” she explained via Us Weekly.

“I call up my best friend, I’m like ‘What the heck is going on? Where did this just come from on my left breast, just out of nowhere?’ So of course, I make an appointment go to the doctor.”

Hampton shared that the doctor told her she had five large cysts, and recommended a cyst aspiration, or a procedure to have them drained. The fashionista also made it clear that her breasts are all-natural.

“She said, ‘Just to be on the safe side, I will send the fluids out to make sure they’re benign,’” Hampton told Us.

Hampton later shared her fears about the procedure with fans via her Instagram Stories. “I’m like, ‘OK you guys, I didn’t tell you a couple weeks ago I felt a lump on my breast and today is the day I come and I’m having a cyst aspiration. … I’m a little scared,'” she recalled, according to Us Weekly. “I said, ‘Hey, keep me in your prayers, make sure it’s not cancerous,’ and everyone turned that into I have cancer.”

Hampton later revealed that drainage wasn't necessary and that her cysts decreased in size to the point where her doctor advised keeping an eye on the lumps, instead.

“It was really a wakeup call,” she confessed. “It scared the living Oh, my God, out of me,” she said. “Oh, my God, it freaked me out.”

The fashion guru explained that even though Gregg Leakes’ cancer battle was close to home, she didn’t contemplate self-care until her recent health scare. “It’s not until it happens to you,” she explained.

Hampton also revealed that she is looking forward to Leakes’ cancer-free diagnosis, however. “That’s a game changer. [Gregg and NeNe] went through a lot this season with cancer, so just to know that it’s gone … that’s just a blessing,” she said, noting that she was affected by their pain. “It was stressing me out and I was seeing her cry and I was seeing him in tears … when you’re my friend, I’m going through it with you.”

Photo Credit: Bravo