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Lisa Hochstein's Husband Dr. Leonard Hochstein Suing Two Former Patients For Leaving Negative Online Reviews!

Dr. Leonard Hochstein, who is best known as the "boob god" and the husband of former Real Housewives of Miami star Lisa Hochstein is suing two of his former patients for leaving negative online reviews.

The plastic surgeon is claiming that the two women have damaged his reputation with unfair commentary.

"My reputation is the most important thing to me. My patients come to me strictly through word of mouth," he told NBC Miami of lawsuits he filed in Miami-Dade County court. "You want to defend yourself against things that you know didn't happen."

One of the two defendants, Nicole George, said she found Hochstein through online reviews and said the doctor's lawsuit speaks volumes about his practice.

"If you can't give a real, honest review, negative or positive, what kind of practice are you?" she told NBC Miami.

George is alleging that Dr. Hochstein botched her "mommy makeover" procedure, which included a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift and augmentation. The doctor left unsightly scars and one breast a different size, according to George's online Yelp review.

George also said in her review that the doctor had no empathy for her concerns. "I called to ask Dr. Hochstein about my concerns. He told me, 'Your case is not significant to me,' which devastated me," George wrote, according to the review cited in Hochstein's lawsuit, which was filed in February. "How awful to hear."

While George revealed that she signed a pledge not to write a bad review before surgery. The federal law prohibits businesses from enforcing such nondisparagement agreements, reports NBC Miami.

"I put my name on the document because I thought it was standard for all plastic surgeons," George said.

Dr. Hochstein claims he is not against online reviews but he insists he want his patients to "be honest" and for them not to "make things up."

"Be honest, tell the truth," he said of reviewers. "There's nothing wrong with saying, 'I didn't like my surgery, I didn't like how it went,' and just stop there. Don't make things up."

Another defendant, Kristen LaPointe, wrote in a Yelp review that Hochstein made her breast augmentation too large. "I was very unhappy with the results. The implant put in wasn't even the size I requested," she wrote. "I also have horrible scarring," according to NBC Miami.

Dr. Hochstein's lawsuit against LaPointe was filed in June 2018.

Photo Credit: Bravo