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Jackie Gillies Reveals She Suffered From Anxiety After Being Attacked By Online Trolls!

During a recent interview with Marie Claire Australia, Jackie Gillies revealed she has been targeted by online trolls and haters ever since she first appeared on The Real Housewives of Melbourne in 2014.

The professional psychic explained that she was warned by her husband, Ben Gillies who is the drummer of rockband Silverchair, that she would be an online target.

"When I first started off in TV, I had some anxiety about what people would say about me on social media," she said, according to The Daily Mail Australia. "I remember my husband, Ben, sat me down and told me, "You're going to have people who love you and people who hate you. Some people are absolute garbage on Twitter and you need to be prepared for them to write s**t about you. Do not read it. Do not take it on."'

Gillies said that some of the online comments have been 'pretty horrendous' over the years. She revealed that she has been labeled "ugly" and "disgusting," and some people have even told her to "go and die."

"I've been fat-shamed, accused of being a crazy alcoholic and called an Aussie bogan and a filthy animal," she said.

However, despite the negative side of social media, Gillies said that she doesn't let online trolls get to her and will always remain her 'authentic' self on social media.

Photo Credit: Bravo New Zealand