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Teresa Giudice's RHONJ Co-Stars Reveal How She Is Coping With Joe Giudice In ICE Custody!

Teresa Giudice's Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars and family members recently revealed how she is coping with her husband Joe being held in ICE custody. “Teresa, she doesn’t need that, she needs, she likes her friends to make her laugh,” Dolores told Us Weekly. “And that’s how they get through their stuff.”

Dolores also revealed that Teresa is detaching herself from the situation is a “survival mechanism.”

“She's always been that person, as you know, I've known her since I was sixteen years old. Well, there's people in my life, I used to be the person that could detach myself from situations and you know … that's how I was,” she explained. “She's been in the thick of it for a long time now. I hope for them that there's closure, either way, in the next few months.”

 Catania also noted that Teresa’s children are “upset” about the situation. “They expected their dad to come home after a sentence, after he served his time.”

Jennifer Aydin reveals that Teresa and Joe talk on the phone on a daily basis while Joe remains in ICE custody.

“He calls her. They can, they text each other, and she can text him and he calls her like ten times a day. He calls her all day every day,” Jennifer told Us Weekly. “They talk, you know they talk about the kids, he’s bored. He’s bored in there and he’s calling her and she’s, you know she misses him but she’s like wow, a lot of phone calls.”

“Teresa is just going through the motions right now. She doesn't really want to foreshadow anything pro or con,” Jennifer explained. “She doesn't want to give any bad thoughts energy, and then she doesn't want to get her hopes up with positive thoughts. So she's kind of just going through the motions.”

Jennifer added that Teresa’s four daughters “are doing as well as can be expected.”

“It’s almost like they're in the home stretch. But it's obviously a very critical time and they're just keeping their hopes up.”

Meanwhile, Melissa Gorga says; “She's doing good. She's doing good. Everybody's just like crossing their fingers and holding on and just waiting for the final decision,” Melissa told Us Weekly. “But everyone's hopes are high and we just … that's all we can do.”

As for Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, he says; “It’s very, very hard. You see, she puts up a good, strong front — she has to,” he told Us Weekly. “She has to raise her children by herself, so she has to be strong. She can’t be weak. You know, you see this tough girl [on TV] all the time, but she’s weak.”

Gorga also offered an explanation for why Teresa is often spotted out amid the legal drama. “She’s got to keep herself busy,” he said. “She’s constantly going out because when she’s home, she has no one to hold. No one’s around. [Her] kids, they’re in their activities and they want to be with their friends. You know, she’s a mess.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images