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RHOV Alum Ioulia Reynolds Celebrates Five Years Of Sobriety!

Congratulations are in order for Ioulia Reynolds. The former Real Housewives of Vancouver star took to Instagram to share with fans her biggest milestone yet - five years of sobriety. "It's definitely been a ride ! But I am the happiest I have ever been ! #sober #5years #fuckya"

She added in a different post; "Thank you @thisistheotherguys @scottmichael_89 for the love and acknowledging my accomplishment (well not mine, God's) of 5 years sober !!! I love working here and am super grateful! The best people , the best company!," she wrote.

As previously reported, Reynolds appeared on the season of The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Ioulia's life did a complete 180 after RHOV ended. After divorcing her then husband, she made the decision to give up alcohol, a path to sobriety that her former cast member Amanda Hansen helped her discover.

"I never knew that I had a problem," Reynolds told ET Canada back in 2015. "I thought this is how people live...upon me leaving my ex and my life falling apart a little but, I realized it comes down to me not being sober. Through Amanda putting the light to it, I was able to find it in myself [to get sober] and it's been the best decision I've ever made."

"Seeing myself as that persona made me want to change," she confessed. "I do not have the luxury or the things I did before. Of course it was a big change and it was difficult but I find myself happy because I actually found what's important on the inside, things I overlooked before."

Ioulia revealed at that time that she earned a fitness training certificate, studied graphic design and is considering opening a fitness center. Ioulia says she found herself, a new boyfriend, and God.

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Photo Credit: Slice