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Victoria Rees Reveals The Best And Worst Part About Doing The Real Housewives Of Sydney!

Victoria Rees recently shares some interesting facts during a recent Q&A session via her Instagram page. The Real Housewives of Sydney star revealed what was the best and worst part of doing the Foxtel hit reality series - and gets candid if she'll ever consider doing reality television again and much more.

"Well my attitude is just quite honest," she said when asked about her attitude and having thick skin. "I'm not quite sure I have such thick skin, I get hurt and upset all the time.

Rees also revealed that she lived outside Australia, which was London, England in the 1980's for "about four or five years."

When asked if she'll ever consider doing reality television again - she replied; "Definitely I will do it again. It's so much fun - depending on the show - wouldn't do Married at First Sight."

Victoria also agreed with a fan who suggested that she along with her RHOS co-stars Krissy Marsh, Nicole O'Neil and Matty Samaei need their own show.

When asked what the best part of doing RHOS, she said: "Definitely meeting the girls and making new friendships."

When asked about what is the worst part of doing RHOS, she said; "2 hours of hair and makeup nearly everyday, especially at 3 o'clock of the morning."

Rees also shared her recipe for her infamous skinny bitch drink. "Lime juice, vodka, sparkling mineral water and some ice."

Rees also revealed that she used to be an interior decorator and she works out 4 to 5 times a year. She also revealed that she eats well, takes good care of her skin and that she belongs to a book club, in which Krissy and Nicole are a part of.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel