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The Real Housewives Of Cheshire Teases What Viewers Can Expect In Season 9; Tanya Bardlsey Says Ester Dee “Tried To Chuck A Plate” At Rachel Lugo!

The Real Housewives of Cheshire are returning for their ninth season this Monday, March 25. The ladies of the ITVBe hit reality series are teasing what kind of drama the fans can expect from them this season, in particular between Ester Dee and Rachel Lugo.

Tanya Bardsley suggested that there would be drama between Perla Navia and Dawn Ward. "My armpits are sweating. They're really sweating," a nervous Perla told the Daily Star.

Tanya then dropped a bombshell that Ester and Rachel came to blows and things got so heated that Ester allegedly tried to "chuck a plate at Rachel's head."

"It was Ester that tried to chuck a plate at Rachel's head last night, though," teased Bardsley.

As previously reported, Ester and her daughter moved in with Dawn after ending her relationship with husband John Temple. Dawn teases that there could be more drama between her and Lugo.

"I love people – seeing everyone, screaming at everyone sometimes, apologising the next day. I was doing my round of apologies this morning," she said.

Meanwhile, Rachel opened up about her relationship with Ward.  "People on the outside might not get our friendship, but me and Dawn do," she told the Daily Star. "We fall out about most things and we disagree on most things, our arguments can be quite fiery."

She continued: "But if we ever needed each other, we'd be the first people at each other's doors, without a doubt. There's so much love there."

She joked: "We call each other a married couple because I think we bicker more than sisters, we're more like husband and wife that have been together a very long time."

Photo Credit: ITVBe