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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: “It Was All Designed By LVP To Get This Lucy Story Out There”

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is sharing more details about the confrontation that went down during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast trip to the Bahamas between her and Lisa Vanderpump over dog drama with Dorit Kemsely courtesy via her Bravo blog.

"By the time we hit dinner, I knew that Dorit needed to know everything that was happening and being said about the dog situation. Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit are supposed to be best friends. Why is she not telling her the full story? But it’s when LVP tries to spin it on me that I knew exactly what was happening, and I wasn’t able to let it be. I end up leaving before saying something I would regret, but had I stayed at that table, here are some things I would have pressed Lisa Vanderpump on (and you can think about too)," she wrote.

"LVP says I'm the only one who speaks to John Blizzard. She doesn’t speak to the guy who runs her events? She’s the one who told him to tell me!"

She continued: "If LVP was so intent on protecting Dorit, why is she not the least bit upset that John Blizzard, her employee, at a business she treasures, gave me the information, knowing Dorit and I were not in a good place at the time? Oh right, again, because she told him to tell me."

"If LVP wanted to protect Dorit, and she knew I knew (this is all very Friends' "The One Where Everybody Finds Out") and was coming to film at Vanderpump Dogs, why did she not bother to call or text me telling me to absolutely not bring up Lucy? Why not, once I got there, did she not pull me aside and tell me to absolutely not mention it?"

Teddi makes it clear that she's "not innocent" in the dog drama and questions LVP's motives. "Why did LVP even allow Lucy to be there that day? As Rinna says, it’s called VANDERPUMP Dogs, so don’t tell me she didn’t know. And of all her employees, why were the two Johns (Sessa and Blizzard) both there filming? Again, I am not innocent in all of this, but no matter what I may say, I do not have control over the actions and workings of Vanderpump Dogs no matter how many times you want to call me a “gossip.”

She added: "The answer to all of the above: Because it was all designed by LVP to get this Lucy story out there without looking like she wanted it out there. As you see in the trailer for next week, I am not clean in this mess, and it starts to be revealed. I say some crappy and shady things to John Blizzard after he tells me a dramatic story that LVP wanted me to hear at a time when Dorit and I had high tensions. But it all begins with Lisa Vanderpump, and I’m realizing she’s using me as the fall gal."

What are your thoughts on Teddi's blog? Do you agree with her? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo