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RHOCheshire Star Dawn Ward Shares Bum Lift Before And After Photos!

Dawn Ward recently took to Instagram to share before and after photos of her recent bum-lift, which the Real Housewives of Cheshire star is seen posing in a thong to show off the fabulous end results.

Ward apologized to her followers for giving them a glimpse of her 'middle-aged body.'

"I wouldn’t normally subject you to pics of my middle aged body but can not believe the results of the bum lift today @weareskulpt our new treatment," she wrote on her Instagram page.

"I tried to leave it till you had eaten your dinner before posting 😂 I’m so pleased can’t stop checking it out 😂😂😂 who needs to grow old gracefully 🤪🤪❤️, " she added.

Days later, Ward fought back at haters who accused her of altering the photos or for claiming it's not her.

"I’ve had some negative comments on my previous post regarding my @weareskulpt bum lift performed on myself. Certain people are suggesting it’s two different people of I’ve doctored the image. Just to set the record straight I would never doctor an image or miss lead my followers," she wrote on a separate Instagram post, where she shared videos defending herself and encouraged her followers to take advantage of the treatment . "I will repeat this is one treatment only and the result are clear to see, anyone who is Interested in this treatment which currently has a 50% discount for a limited time contact 01565 745680 ❤️❤️❤️❤️"

The Real Housewives of Cheshire is set to return later this month on ITVBe!

Photo Credit: ITVBe