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RHOCheshire Star Dawn Ward Becomes Her Husband’s Mother Full-Time Caregiver As She Battles Alzheimer’s!

Dawn Ward has revealed that she has become a full-time caregiver for her husband Ashley Ward's mother, who has developed Alzheimer’s. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star reveals that she wanted her husband's parents to move in with them to be a big happy family as they face unfortunate health issues.

"Ashley's mum Maureen has got Alzheimer's and his father was diagnosed with a brain tumour," she told The Sun. "It's very difficult for his parents because they've lived in the same house for forty odd years. But now it was causing me problems, because I'm Ashley's mum's carer."

"So I shower Maureen twice a day, help her with the toilet, and every time they went back, it was knocking her out of her routine where she was becoming more difficult to care for."

Dawn admits she feels privileged to take care of her husband's parents. "I'm privileged to live in a big house, and if you can help and you can do that then it's a nice place to be."

She continued: "Now they very rarely leave, but it's lovely because at the end of the day I've got the kids, I've got his parents and I've got Ester but you know, what I live in a big house."

Ealirer this week, Ester confirmed she moved in at Ward's mansion, Warford Hall along with her daughter Pearl after splitting from her husband John Temple. Now, Ward reveals how has it been living with Dee at her huge home.

"Warford Hall is busting at the seems for the first time! I mean I love it really," she told The Sun. "Ester's got her own privacy she's got her own flat, we're not on top of each other."

"At the end of the day, we are very fortunate. We have a strong bond as a family. Especially with Maureen's Alzheimer's, it's a big issue for a lot of people," she added. "It's a very very nasty disease. As a family that's how we deal with it, we pull together."

The Real Housewives of Cheshire Season 9 premieres on Monday, March 25 at 10:00pm on ITVBe.

Photo Credit; ITVBe