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Paris Hilton Reportedly Wants To Join The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills!

#RumorHasIt that Paris Hilton is considering joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “Paris’ aunt Kyle Richards is encouraging Paris to join her as a ‘Housewives’ cast member,” an insider told Radar Online.

“These shows get so nasty it’s good to have a relative at your side.”

But according to the source, Paris is asking for a million dollars for her role on the Bravo hit reality series.

 “Paris wants a million bucks — and thinks she’s worth every penny!”

Paris and her mother Kathy Hilton have made a few guest appearances on RHOBH. Paris aunts Kim and Kyle Richards rocky relationship has been documented throughout their time on the Bravo hit reality show since they appeared in Season 1.

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Photo Credit: Bravo