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Jacqueline Laurita Stands By Comments She Made About Teresa Giudice Over Joe Giudice’s Deportation!

Jacqueline Laurita recently came under fire after she slammed her former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice after the mother-of-four revealed that she will not be moving to Italy if her husband Joe Giudice gets deported.

Laurita got slammed on social media over her comments, but the former Bravo reality star stands by her comments and defends herself against RHONJ fans.

"I'm all about sticking together. When you marry & have kids, that is your immediate family & 1st responsibility.Unless she just really doesn't want to be with him," she tweeted. "That's different/But that's not what she had said," she continued. "I would just like to see them all together now.Too much separation."

Laurita slams the mother-of-four for using her children and "an excuse" to not move to Italy if Joe gets deported. "I just think she should not use her children as an excuse to stay behind," she wrote. "I think her decision goes deeper than that."

"She shouldn't use her kids as the excuse to stay behind," tweeted Laurita. "I think it goes deeper than that."

After getting called out for commenting on the Giudices situatuion, Laurita reveals why she has the right share her opinion. "Lots of people and publications asked me. I've had over 10 years and 7 seasons of fame," she responded to a fan of the show. "Been there done that. Teresa still talks about me publicly. I don't understand her obsession of little old me. Joes deportation is a hot topic right now. I have an opinion just like you do."

"Her and the kids are free to come back to visits. Just like they always go there to visit," she shared. "They have family there too!"

Jacqueline reveals why she  she decided to comment publicly and Joe and Teresa. "I got tired of her continuing to talk negatively about me publicly and people kept asking me for my opinion so I decided to give it. Why not? You seem to have an opinion about it too," she tweeted to a follower. "It's a hot topic right now."

She continued: "Teresa was also guilty of things. It wasn't just Joe. I understand her resenting him for certain things, but she shouldn't use her kids as an excuse to stay behind."

After a follower called Laurita out for divorcing her first husband, the father of her daughter Ashlee, Laurita explained why her divorce is not similar to Teresa's: "My ex cheated. Teresa chose to stay with her man. I wouldn't blame her for divorcing him, but she shouldn't be using her kids as the excuse to stay behind."

"I understand but then that may be the real reason she's staying behind and not because of her kids," Laurita replied to a fan who thinks that Teresa may hate Joe for her going to jail and is her alleged reason as to why she has decided not to follow him to Italy.

After a fan called Jacqueline out for suggestion that Teresa should move to Italy to be with Joe, which would end up Gia to be left behind, Laurita responded; "Don't most kids go away alone to college? I don't know many parents that go with them. Her dad should go too! He has a house and other family there plus he speaks the language."

She then tweeted: "She was guilty of things too, it wasn't just that he did this to her. I don't disagree that she's resentful towards him and would warrant a divorce but just own it and don't use your kids as an excuse to stay behind."

Jacqueline continued to suggest that Teresa should move to Italy as well taking her father with her. "He has a home there and speaks the language," she wrote. "They have other family there."

Laurita continued to slam Teresa on Twitter: "She was involved too. It wasn't just her husband. They were both guilty of something and served their time, right? I get if she is resenting him for things but she shouldn't use the kids as an excuse for her decision to stay behind."

After a fan tells her that Teresa perhaps has already talked to Joe about her plans to not move her family to Italy, she tweeted: "So now she wants to lose her husband? The love of her life and separate the father of her kids? That loss is ok? I think there is more to this decision  you aren't seeing. I don't think I'm being mean. It's just my opinion."

Jacqueline continued: "I feel like they would adjust and meet new friends there too. Learn a new culture. They can also still visit NJ. The important thing is that they are all together."

She added: "Minors don't always know what's best for themselves do they? Have you met any kids or teenagers?"

This comes after Laurita slammed Teresa during a recent interview after Teresa revealed that she doesn't plan on moving to Italy if Joe gets deported. 

“I don’t understand Teresa’s decision to not stand by her man and keep her family intact,” Laurita told Us Weekly. “If Joe is truly the love of her life and the father of her kids, you’d think she would go wherever he goes to keep the family together as a unit! I feel like they’ve been separated long enough! Her decision seems a little selfish to me.”

“My father was in the military, and my family moved several times growing up,” she explains. “When my dad got stationed somewhere new, we all moved together, and we all learned to adjust to wherever we went, whether that was somewhere in the United States or in another country, such as places like Germany and Korea.”

She continued: “As children, my siblings and I never got to dictate to my parents where we lived. It was important to my parents that we stuck together as a family,” Laurita says. “Learning different cultures, meeting new people and experiencing new surroundings made me more well-rounded as an adult. I learned that I can adjust to anywhere I live.”

“My family and I are actually contemplating moving to another state right now,” she told Us Weekly. “Would my older son love to stay here? Yes, but if we decide to go, guess what? He’s coming with us, and I know he would adjust just fine. That’s just how I was raised.”

She added: “I don’t care if I was making $1 million in the state of New Jersey. If my husband — the love of my life and father of my kids — said we were moving to a new state or a new country, I’d be like, ‘Bye, bye,’ and I’d get my kids together, pack up our s--t and go with him. That’s just what families are supposed to do. Ride or die.”

As previously reported, Teresa Giudice explained her reasoning as to why she was not going to be moving to Italy during the RHONJ Season 9 reunion.

“I mean, unless my kids say, ‘Mommy, I want to move to Italy,’” she told reunion host Andy Cohen. “Gia’s going to college next year; I haven’t spoken to Milania or Audriana about it, we haven’t gotten there yet; and Gabriella already voiced her opinion to me. She was like, ‘That would be so hard for me, Mommy.’ She doesn’t speak the language. She’s like, ‘That would kill me even more.’”

Teresa added: “I’m not doing a long-distance relationship. I’m not doing it. You know, I want somebody with me every day. I know exactly what happens. You know, I’m sure he’ll be with other women. It happens. We do the long-distance thing, it’s not going to work. I’d be like, ‘Bye, bye.’”

Photo Credit: Bravo