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Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Kyle Richards For Throwing Shade At Her For Not Attending Andy Cohen’s Baby Shower; Says “I’m More Worried About The Dogs Than Bitches” — Kyle Fires Back!

The feud between Lisa Vanderpump and the rest of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars continues! This time, it's between LVP and Kyle Richards. It all went down when TMZ questioned Richards about Vanderpump skipping Andy Cohen's baby shower.

“She was not there,” said Kyle. When she was asked if there was any drama, she revealed, “Well, yeah.”

“Did I have to pay her to come to the shower, maybe?” Kyle joked.

A few hours later, the outlet caught up with LVP and responded to Kyle's comments about not attending Cohen's shower.

“I was in Vegas actually at the time of Andy’s baby shower… but what was it? Kyle said something b***hy, right?” she told TMZ. Then they explained to her that Richards had shaded her by suggesting that she didn't show up because she wasn't being paid, Lisa fired back, “Well that’s sweet, isn’t it?”

“Actually, because I’m on two shows, I wouldn’t need to be paid. But thanks for your kind words,” she explained. “You know what? I actually met with Andy before and gave him a cashmere blue blanket and a teddy bear and I said that I couldn’t be there because I was in Vegas. I’m opening in Caesar’s so there’s a deadline.”

“I have a job, the same job I had before I was on Housewives. I didn’t make a career out of being a housewife and anybody that’s followed my journey knows I’m doing exactly the same thing that I was,” she continued.

“It says more about them than it does about me. I haven’t trashed them. It would be easy to [but] I’m too busy to give it much thought quite frankly. I’m here. I’m working my butt off trying to get this done,” Lisa said about working on her new restaurant in Las Vegas. “From here I’m going to China because we’ve just opened a new dog center in China where we’ve got 300 dogs.”

She added: “I’m more worried about the dogs than the b***hes.”

Kyle then took to social media to respond to LVP's comments. “Re Lisa V on TMZ ... it would be intersting to see how people would react if I called HER a bitch,” she tweeted. “When I was asked if there was drama at Andy's shower I thought they were referring to something that happened AT the shower. Nothing to do with Lisa .”

Kyle also addressed the comment she made about LVP not attending Cohen's baby shower because she wasn't paid to show up. “THEY asked if Lisa was holding out for money to attend the shower. OBVIOUSLY that is not true. I thought that was obvious so I joked.”

On SiriusXM's Radio Andy's Monday episode, Andy revealed LVP Face-Timed him during the party, saying, "You know I love you," and that she reminded him she was the first person to give him a gift.

But, during an interview that happened during the baby shower that was played on Radio Andy, Ramona Singer said, "She should've shown up. It's about Andy." As for LVP's co-star Erika Girardi, "I think it would have been great if everyone would have shown up."

Who's side are you on? Are you #TeamKyle or #TeamLisa? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo