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Kameron Westcott Opens Up About Her Feud With D’Andra Simmons; D’Andra Reveals Whether She Would Reconcile With LeeAnne Locken!

Kameron Westcott and LeeAnne Locken's friendship with D'Andra Simmons came to an end during the third season of The Real Housewives of Dallas as the ladies friendship crumbled throughout the season. But will they ever reconcile?

Kameron reveals that she is currently getting along with Locken, she doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with Simmons. “She blocked me on Instagram,” she told OK! Magazine. “For me, life is too short so I’m like, you know what, it’s okay, block me if that’s what you want to do! But I have plenty of friends,” she added.

So how does D'Andra feels about reconciling with former bestie LeeAnne? “I feel that probably the friendship we had before probably is not gonna be the same friendship because there’s so much water under the bridge and once you’ve hurt so much another person, I think that it’s real hard to get back to that place,” D’Andra told OK! Magazine.

The Real Housewives of Dallas is set to return later this year on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Bravo