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Lala Kent Slams James Kennedy’s Mother After Her Sit-Down With Lisa Vanderpump On Vanderpump Rules!

Lala Kent had a lot to say about James Kennedy's mother, Jacqueline Georgiou's appearance on the Monday, January 7 episode of Vanderpump Rules, where she discussed her son's behavior with Lisa Vanderpump.

“Is this for real?” wrote Lala alongside a video of Kennedy’s mother via her Instagram page. “Did this woman actually raise someone?”

Credit: LaLa Kent/Instagram

If you recall, Kennedy got fired from SUR after he told co-star Katie Maloney to “lose some f—king weight.” The reason Kennedy lost his job was because Kate gave Lisa an ultimatum and claimed that she would quit her job at SUR if she did not fire James, according to Us Weekly.

After he was let go, Jacqueline attempted to convince Lisa to give her son another chance.

“I get that there’s this whole movement of women, but when women come at my son, where does James go to?” Jacqueline said in the episode before Lisa pointed out that James is “drinking way too much.”

Jacqueline added: “But the point is, if women are attacking him, how does he defend himself? … People provoke him!”

Photo Credit: Bravo